Is this the best thing since Big Hair? Claiming to boost volume, smoothness, shape and shine, we put Babyliss’ new hot brush to the test. Find out what we thought in our review...

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Could a heated hair brush replace your straightening irons? Quite possibly if Babyliss’ new launch has anything to do with it. Claiming to boost smoothness and shape for a bouncy blowdry effect, its new Sheer Volume Rotating Hot Brush appears to provide something that straighteners cannot - a frizz and flatness-free finish courtesy of its ionic heated ceramic barrel and flexible silicone bristles.

Does it deliver though? Here’s what you need to know about one of the hottest launches of the month.

How does it work?

Applying gentle tension to lengths as it rotates, its large heated barrel and bristles softly grip the hair to create greater volume and movement as it glides from root to tip. Following in the successful footsteps of the hugely popular Babyliss Big Hair, (which at its peak, was reportedly selling at a rate of one per minute), it differs in that it’s designed to be used on dry rather than roughly dried ends. Furthermore, its silicone bristles are less densely packed to allow for fewer tangles and greater ease of movement.

Is it simple to use?

Yes. With three heat settings to choose from ranging from 180°C to 200°C, it allows you to tailor its intensity to suit fine, coloured and thick hair types alike. Ready to use in 90 seconds, it reaches its desired temperature quickly plus its inclusion of a heat protective glove makes for a welcome addition for keeping styling efforts singe-free.

After applying a heat protection spray and brushing out my hair to remove any knots, I divided it into sections. Placing the brush underneath and near the root for a few seconds for added volume, I gently glided the brush through each section, rotating the brush away from my head by pressing the appropriate rotator button. Continuing to the hair end, I rotated the brush inwards to roll the tips under to finish and then moved onto the next. As I practised, my confidence grew and I was able to alternate between the two rotator directions more and more easily. Taking around 10 minutes in total to do the whole of my head, it was fast yet efficient.

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Who’s it for?

Due to the size of the barrel, shoulder length to long hair lengths would find it easiest to use, while frizz-prone straight to wavy hair types would reap the most from its straightening abilities (especially on days of particularly high humidity!). I also tried it on a few of my curls (having used a tong the day before) and it smoothed them out extremely well. Definitely one to keep on standby should you wish to go from curly to straight without having to go through the faff of washing your hair again.

Does it deliver?

Yes. Providing an effective, root-lifting alternative to straighteners, it created great bounce, body and movement from roots to ends. Easy to use, it rarely caused tangles and even when it did, it was easy to rectify thanks to the wide separation of its bristles. Size-wise, it is certainly less discreet than a slim pair of straighteners however, its bigger barrel is what allows for greater volume - so I’d probably see it more as an asset than a complaint all things considered. Leaving my hair smooth and noticeably fuller looking, I’d definitely recommend it.

The BaByliss Sheer Volume Rotating Hot Brush, is  available from QVC UK here  for £65.88.

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