It's R.I.P to Rita Ora's luscious blonde locks as she dips the tips in electric blue hair dye. Eilidh Robertson is not a fan of the nineties revival

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When Rita Ora stepped onto the stage at T in the Park this weekend with newly dip-dyed hair in shades of electric blue and hints of pink, we genuinely thought the extreme heat was causing us to have traumatic nineties flashbacks. Or, indeed, flashbacks to just a few months ago when she caused a stir with the dramatic blue Smurf-like ’do . Clearly, the songstress doesn’t take heed of the glossy posse’s advice; though we’re thankful that this time round it’s just the ends and not a full head of the blues.

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Our distress was only exacerbated by her questionable sartorial choice of double denim - an outfit she was clearly quite pleased with as she tweeted later that day: 'Pick a leg any leg! Showing love to my Family Ashish for sending me all this amazing Denim! #BigLove’. We can’t help thinking that ‘Ashish’ probably didn’t intend for her to wear it all at once.

While Rita could probably wear a tie-dyed hessian sack and pass it off as street-chic, we really wish she’d use her mass-inspiring powers (and washboard abs) for good and turn down the double denim.

And while we’re at it, the same goes for her hair - she unceremoniously dashed our naïve hopes that the neon dip-dye trend was a thing of the past, relegated to the land of cargo pants and tamagotchis. For as long as Rita (a repeat offender, previously seen with both pink and yellow tinted locks) is championing it, it’s sure to make an unwanted comeback.