Our pick of this week’s best hair, makeup and skincare launches

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Dull skin, dry lips, frizzy hair and the return to early morning alarms are all taking their toll as we get back into the swing of things for 2019, but the latest beauty launches have got us covered. From the lip plumper that really conditions to the skincare set that bring life to dull complexions, here’s what we’ve been trying, testing and applauding this week…

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Smooth Start Collection, £55

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Loved by: Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

“New year, new skin! It may sound cliche but I always take January to sort out my skincare regime, because my skin is always dull and dry from the cold weather and not in its finest form after the Christmas indulgence. Elemis have come to the rescue in launching four Kickstarter kits, targeting different concerns depending on what you need. I've been using the Dynamic Resurfacing Smooth Start Collection, consisting of the Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash, Facial Pads, Gel Mask and a serum. The kit deeply cleanses and gently resurfaces the skin to leave a much more hydrated, brighter and even complexion - its curated contents has all areas covered for a fresher face to start 2019. If this sounds too harsh for you, I recommend the Superfood starter kit which contains my favourite moisturiser for a more gentle and nourishing approach.”

Huda Beauty Matte and Metal Melted Shadows, £22

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Loved by: Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

“I love a Huda Beauty eyeshadow launch. Her mini Obsessions palettes are a go-to of mine for a smokey eye, while I save the larger Desert Dusk palette for special occasions. For days when I have a need for speed, I’ll be reaching for her new dual-ended Matte & Metal Melted Shadows. With a velvet finish shade on one end and a complimentary metallic on the other, they provide a foolproof, travel-friendly way to mix up pared back and party looks. Each can be worn on their own, but due to their creamy liquid textures, they can be layered supremely easily. Use the matte shade as a base, allow to dry and then add a slick of the shimmer shade on top, or along lash lines for days when you want to be a little extra (something I’m finding myself doing on a daily basis to help chase the January blues away). Bubble Bath & Pink Champagne and Silk Bomber & Bubblegum are personal favourites.”

Boucleme Curl Defining Gel, £12.75 for 300ml

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Loved by: Victoria Woodhall, Editorial Director

“It’s tricky to find the sweet spot between volume and frizz when you have fine curly hair and you’ve cut out silicones. I did this recently because according to hairdresser Michael Van Clarke (whose silicone-free shampoo I am now wedded to - I recommend this 3 More Inches  starter kit), silicone sucks moisture out of the hair shaft making it even more dry. If you’re a silicone dodger, it dramatically cuts your de-frizzing options, but happily this silicone- and sulphate-free curl gel is all I need. The slightly watery gel scrunches into wet hair from roots to ends. To avoid frizz, you need to make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before you mess with it. Your curls will seem a bit crisp to start with, but a quick scrunch and they fall into a natural soft yet defined bounce and the roots stay smooth and free of flyaways. I can’t tell you what a relief it is!”

Benefit Super Natural Brow Kit by Anna Saccone, £49.50

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Loved by: Alexandra Harrison, Admin Assistant

“Benefit is the brow brand to beat - their products are spot on in terms of results and when they release collaboration kits they’re usually well worth looking into as a great saving can be made. This latest release with Youtube star Anna Saccone is no exception. I love the idea behind it - it’s designed to give quick and easy natural-looking brows, a look that Anna is a fan of due to her hectic schedule. The kit includes two shades of Precisely My Brow Pencil - a lighter one for an all-over natural brow and a slightly darker shade to create more precision in the tail. It also includes the easy-to-use Foolproof Brow Powder, 3D Browtones and a High Brow Glow Pencil, and the step-by-step guide to filling in your brows is really helpful too. Buying the products individually would set you back over £100, so you’re getting a whopping 50% saving by buying the kit - a no-brainer if you’ve ever wanted to test them out.”

Dior Lip Maximiser Hyaluronic Lip Plumper in Rosewood, £28

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Loved by: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

“Described as a “hyaluronic lip plumper”, this cooling, tingly gloss isn’t going to mimic fillers by any stretch of the imagination (I wouldn’t want it to), but the hyaluronic acid based hydration element combined with a light reflective effect does help in terms of making lips look naturally fuller. The main draw for me, however, is that it feels nourishing and doesn’t make my lips feel drier once it’s worn off than they were before I put it on (a common bugbear with many lip balms). It’s sheeny but not sticky and the dusty pink shade looked healthy, not obvious. It’s a LOT to pay for a lip gloss but it’s brilliant for improving lip condition while also giving your makeup a lift in short term.”