Beyonce's ditched her flowing locks and gone for the chop with a short pixie crop and is now our hair hero, says Anna Hunter

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Perhaps Queen B is setting herself free after completing the summer leg of her ‘Mrs Carter’ world tour, perhaps our very own Ahmed  inspired her bleach blonde pixie crop or, you know, maybe she was just a bit hot. Whatever the impetus behind her dramatic chop, we LOVE it.

Gone is the Diva weave, sayonara to the Single Ladies strands - Sasha Fierce just got a lot more… fierce. We didn’t think it was possible, but her new ballsy, boyish haircut as debuted yesterday on her Instagram feed confirms her as even more sassy than previously thought. Her former mane was akin to that of a lioness - thick, wild and somewhat indicative of female strength, especially given its role in many an empowering hair-whipping anthem. Nevertheless, B doesn’t need the bonce baggage to prove her brilliance.

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In fact, lopping off her locks only goes to show how lovely she really is. Her beauty is all the more arresting, and her directional decision will no doubt inspire girls all over the globe to follow suit and wear their hair how they desire. Beyoncé is possibly one of the busiest women in the world; a low maintenance mop must be a godsend. Especially when your follicles are prone to tangling in fans during live shows...

It’s entirely possible the B is having us all on and that her pixie cut is in fact a wig, but really, does it matter? She looks hot, she’s doing something a bit different and she donates a huge number of her wigs and hairpieces to charities that help patients undergoing chemotherapy. If she’s bluffing, she’s the most Beautiful Liar we’ve ever come across.