Pinterest is a goldmine for health, beauty and foodie ideas, and today’s Pinterest boards are where future trends are made. Here’s what you’ll be saving and pinning for the year to come, from low-fat frying to tai chi…

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The  Pinterest 100  for 2018 has just been released, and as far as global trend forecasting goes, the board masters at Pinterest have a veritable crystal ball into the future thanks to all of your searches and saves (Pinterest has 200 million users across the world, so there’s rich pickings). Here are the topics gaining momentum in health, beauty and wellbeing, whether they’re already big in Britain or yet to hit our shores…

Diet and Food

Food and drink pins increased by 46 per cent this year, with around 19 billion related Pins doing the rounds. Basically, we’re hungry for ideas, inspo and spice, as it turns out…


So popular it’s become a verb like its colder cousin ‘juicing’- saves for souping have soared by 306 per cent. Here’s our take on souping over juicing , alongside ideas for both homemade and shop-bought stomach and soul-warmers.

Super coffee

We’re hoping that ‘vitamin tea’ is next, but for the time being ‘healthy coffee’ pins have risen by 218 per cent. This can apparently involve everything from adding protein powder to your daily brew to stirring in superfoods such as maca or going hardcore for a bulletproof coffee . Whatever floats your boat.

Plant protein

Speaking of protein, the likes of lentils, hemp and quinoa are enjoying Pinterest fame and acclaim, with saves for ‘ plant protein ’ increasing by 417 per cent. If you’re looking for Veganuary inspo, you know where to head.

Vegan desserts

Which leads us neatly to the 329 per cent surge in saves for ‘vegan desserts’. Because we deserve delicious cheesecake imitations.


From vegans to virgins, or ‘virgin cocktails’ at least (160 per cent more saves than last year). Could a more clear-headed Christmas lie ahead?


Accompany your alcohol-free tipple with a trending crisp switch- apparently ‘snap peas’ are seeing a 273 per cent increase in saves, joining edamame in the healthy nibble category.


Saves for the clarified butter, traditionally used in Indian cooking, have gone up by 155 per cent, which is strange considering the next popular food Pin…

Air frying

Frying in hot air rather than oil to achieve a crisp finish. Sounds suspicious to us, but you’re into it- a spectacular save soar on 1809 saves and counting.


Specifically, North African and ‘Moroccan’ spices such as cumin, cardamom and and coriander, with a 2579 peak in Pins. Take a seat turmeric .

Hot sauce

Also a ‘hot’ topic are Korean condiments such as gochujang (a sweet and spicy chilli paste), which alongside sriracha has already become something of a brunch staple. Saves for these are on fire with an increase of 222 per cent.

Smelly suppers

‘Essential oil food recipe’, i.e, using essential oils to flavour dishes, have grown in interest by 689 per cent. Just ensure said oil is actually edible...


2 BILLION PINS PEOPLE. Wellness is more popular on your boards than food, with self-care and building strength high on the agenda

Gut health

From probiotics  to dealing with digestive issues, ‘gut health’  saves have increased by 251 per cent.

Self care

As well as looking after our guts, we’re putting more emphasis on 'self-care'- 537 per cent more to be exact.

Tai Chi

One holistic route to said self-care could be achieved through tai chi, which is said to reduce stress and increase coordination. A gentle 189 per cent lift in saves prove you’re into it.


If you’re not practising your martial arts, chances are we’ll find you in the weights area- strength training  has seen ‘gains’ of 415 per cent this year.


After pumping iron, you’re prioritising recover, with a 105 per cent rise in saves for ‘post-workout stretches’. Lunging isn’t the only route to limber.

Wheel bendy

On the subject of stretching, 72 per cent more of you are looking for yoga wheels, a prop that enables spinal massage and supports you in more advanced yoga poses.

Anti-pollution plants

You don’t want all of that yogic breathing to be for nothing: ‘air purifying plants’ have risen in popularity by 270 per cent, and with the UK’s ‘clean air’ records (or lack thereof), it’s not really any wonder.


Just a few standouts on your boards/ bathroom shelves...

Vitamin C

For your skin that is- a whopping 3370 per cent hike in saves for ‘vitamin C serum’ indicates that many of us could use some brightening antioxidant skin fuel. Check out our cheat sheet to vitamin C in skincare  to take it one step further.

Healthy hair

Dodging damage is the aim of your game, with a 219 per cent boost in saves for ‘healthy hair tips’. Straighteners down, shine-giving hair mask on.

Random but cool

Tiny tattoos

Potentially staging a takeover from teeny weeny piercings - ‘finger tattoos’ in particular have stepped up in saves by 252 per cent.

Staying present

Ironic if you’re spending all day pinning, but ‘living in the moment’ is enjoying 464 per cent more saves.

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