The supermodel and Reebok ambassador on fitness moves that work, fashion and fidget spinners. She’s a woman of varied tastes, that’s for sure…

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Model, social media phenomenon (she’s best friends with Kim Kardashian so...there’s that) and new face of Reebok Classic Jasmine Sanders was scouted at the age of 13, and has risen to stratospheric success since then, walking the catwalk for the likes of Miu Miu and acting as a makeup muse for the legendary Pat McGrath . With a whopping 2.5 million followers on Instagram ( @golden_barbie - a childhood nickname), she posts selfies of course, but she’s passionate about showcasing a healthy lifestyle, hence her partnership with Reebok:

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Reebok and its unique take on street style and fitness, so when I was asked to become the latest member of the Reebok family, the answer was simple,” said Sanders. “I love how versatile this Reebok collection is and how it allows me to go from the street to the gym and back, which works so well for my busy schedule. This collection really shows women and young girls that you can be fit and fabulous - and that message is very important to me as I live it every day.”

Speaking of her everyday, we wanted to know exactly what makes Sanders’ tick. All round to hers for lobster spaghetti and tequila shots…

Jasmine in three words

“Confident, passionate and creative.”

The workout that works

“Squats, squats, and more squats!”

The product she tells everyone about...

Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream , hands down.”

Sleep habits

“I sleep with House of Cards on repeat, my two Frenchies and my boyfriend all cuddled up.”

Secret to staying sane


Best budget beauty buy

“Vaseline, which can be used to create a glossy eye and to add a nice pop to a highlighted cheekbone.”

Biggest beauty spend

“I like to indulge in perfumes.”

She’s surprisingly good at...


If we came by for lunch she’d make...


Morning routine

“I wake up at around seven to take care of my puppies and have morning cuddles with them and my boyfriend. For breakfast I make scrambled egg whites with chicken sausage, avocado and sliced tomatoes.”

Her last health check

“It’s been a while because I only go to the doctor when it's something serious. I'm definitely not a hypochondriac.”

Money is…

“Not the route to true happiness.”

If she could be anywhere on earth at this moment…

“I would love to be in Greece.”

She always says yes to…

“Lobster pizza.”

She always says no to…

“Negative vibes and bullying.”

Exciting new find

“I’m surprisingly obsessed with the fidget spinner!”

If she gave herself a performance review she'd say…

“I think I'd give myself a 9.8.”

See Jasmine Sanders’ campaign for Reebok  here

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