Haven’t had time to wash your hair? Give your style some extra longevity with these expert tips

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Suffering from oily roots, dry tips and just general hairstyle discontent? If you’re on the wrong end of a hair wash, who are we to judge? It’s a scenario we all know too well on days when we’re feeling more Greasy Posse than Glossy Posse.

When short on time, general hair maintenance  can fall right to the bottom of the to-do list - but not to fret, because we asked Get The Gloss Expert  and Hari’s Creative Director  Craig Taylor  for his top hairstyle saving hacks to hide 3rd day hair and give our locks an added dose of longevity to make no one the wiser...

The best dry shampoos

“There are several ways of disguising 3rd day hair, depending on hair type and style,” says Craig.

“Products such as dry shampoo are always good for absorbing the oils that collect at the roots of hair or sit on the scalp. Coloured dry shampoos by Batiste , £3.99,  Bumble & Bumble , £16 and Superdrug’s own , £1.99 are all competent products for removing greasy roots.”

We also love...

Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Genius Extender , £11.85...for its non-chalky feel.

Windle and Moodie Matte Texture Spray , £20...for creating luxe beachy texture and its unisex appeal.

Percy & Reed Big, Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray , £14...for giving our hairstyles a boost in all the right places.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dry Spun Finish Spray , £21.50...for adding some extra grip and manageability to greasy hair.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Care and Vitality , £3.99...for its supreme value for money and ability to leave ragged ends soft and healthy.

Hit the booze....kinda

“Styling sprays such as Kérastase Couture Styling Spray à Porter , £16.80 or John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion , £5.99 contain alcohol that is a great ingredient for neutralizing the hair’s and scalp’s oils,” says Craig. “If applied in sections at the roots and blow-dried through by lifting the hair in the opposite direction, it can help eliminate the grease and give the roots a welcome lift.”

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Frizzy hair SOS

The elements can wreak havoc with the condition of our hair, so if you’re finding that the cold, steam from the shower or central heating are causing your locks to feel well and truly confused, embrace a hair oil or cream - we know it’s counterintuitive, but it can be just the solution for rebalancing hair’s moisture levels, especially if you suffer from greasy roots and parched ends.

“A gentle dry blowdry through the hair, with a small dab of nourishing serum or oil, such as Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream , £23.75 or Treatment Light , £31.85 with a gentle bristle brush can smooth those giveaway areas around hairlines and ends to bring back a little polish,” recommends Craig.

Fringe benefits

Got a fringe that’s sticking to your forehead like white on rice? Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier (rather than half an hour for a full on hair soak) and treat it to a quick fix of sink side attention to achieve maximum effects (and sleep time) with minimal effort. “If you have a fringe, sometimes just washing that area or maybe just the front of your hair that frames the face and blow-drying to finish can freshen up the hair’s appearance,” advises Craig.

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Sly hairstyles

“Finally, if there is no other option because of time, putting hair up, be it braided, a ponytail or a bun to hide tired, crinkled ends can be the best solution, giving a new look that can appear to be a fresh change,” advises Craig.

If all else fails, seek out the professionals. “At Hari's we have varying services for time poor clients that want a refresh, be it the Hari's Bun, Hari's Pony or Hari's Beehive Bar. We do a dry service at each bar that avoids the wash and blowdry stage and gives a fresh revamped look.”