From a regal day at the races to a relaxed family BBQ, here are four simple updos to suit any summer event

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Whether you’re headed to a low-key backyard BBQ or a fun-filled festival weekend, a simple, chic updo is the easiest way to keep your hair looking trim, tidy and off your face - while also keeping your style intact.

To provide you with some seasonal hairspiration we reached out to a selection of the best salons and stylists in the beauty business, who have provided us with four very different looks to wear to any summer occasion. From pretty plaits to chic chignons these dos are designed to suit every hair length and style and can achieved both in-store or from the comfort of your own bedroom.


“The Boyfriend Braid is the perfect up-do for festival events because it’s surprisingly easy to create and will suit most face shapes,” says stylist Jordan Garrett from Hershesons Braid Bar. “It’s relaxed, cool and effortlessly polished and can be done in minutes. Don’t worry if you have shorter hair; the  Hershesons Long Smooth Clip-On Ponytail , £70, will add instant, natural-looking length.”

In-store styling:

To jump on the braiding bandwagon simply head down to a Hershesons Braid Bar  at selected Topshop stores nationwide, where both 15 minutes and pounds will give you the perfect plaited updo.

Home hair how-to:

Step one: Freshen up your roots and add volume to your hair with a little dry shampoo before you begin; Kerastase Styling Spray À Porter , £16.80, would work perfectly. Next, place your hair over one shoulder and divide into two sections, holding one section in each hand.

Step two: Starting at the top of your ear, use your left index finger to hook a small section of the hair in your left hand and wrap it under so that it joins the bottom of the hair in the right hand. Now repeat this motion, using the right index finger to hook a small section of hair and wrap it under so that it joins the bottom of the hair in the left hand. Keep repeating this motion until you have a fishtail braid.

Step three: Secure the braid with a  Hershesons Clear Snagless Band , £6.50. If your hair has layers, use small grips such as  Hershesons ‘Get A Grip’ Grips , £6, to secure loose hair at the back. Scrunch and pull out the braid to give it a more relaxed, undone texture if desired. Mist with hairspray, such as  L’Oreal TechniArt Air Fix Spray , £10.49, and you’re good to go.

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Summer BBQ

“If you’re hosting or attending a BBQ this summer, you’ll want your hair to be practical as well as stylish,” says Creative Director of HARI’s Salon, Craig Taylor. “If you’re the one cooking you’ll also want your hair to be out of the way! A topknot, braid or hair bun is the easiest and chicest way of preventing a hair fail and will help to keep it under control. Having hair down can be okay but it’s likely that heat and humidity will cause frizz, curl and wave fight back, not to mention damp roots from sweat at the nape and fringes, which is never a great look. Instead try this simple summer style that’s quick, easy and doesn't require electrical appliances.

In-store styling:

HARI’s Bun, Pony and Braid Bars are from £25 and are available at all HARI’s salons .

Home hair how-to:

Step one: Choose a parting to start the plait, pick up a section of hair two inches from the hairline at the parting and take it on an triangular angle back to the hairline.

Step two: Split the section into three parts and start to plait (plait by taking each side of the 3 sections and pull them in to the centre under the middle section), dragging down and / or up depending on how low or how much lift you want to have.

Step three: Work backwards away from the front of the hair and stop picking up hair where you want the plait to start to fall. Fix when you get to the hair ends with a hair elastic. Repeat the same with the other side and fix again with an elastic.

The Races

“This is a side parting plait look that you can use with a fascinator or hat for special occasions,” says Paul Edmonds from Paul Edmonds Salon. “This look is great because it’s stylish, sophisticated and contemporary. It has elements of Jennifer Lawrence and Sienna Miller, but won’t look too overdone and fixed. It’s also versatile as you can place a fascinator behind the braid on the same side of the chignon, securing tightly with grips to begin the day and as you move towards evening you can remove the fascinator for a less formal look.”

In-store styling:

Depending on the hair length and condition this look would cost £75 at  Paul Edmonds London  with one of our stylists.

Home hair how-to:

Step one: Side part the hair, take the short side, brush back and secure temporarily at the nape with a grip.

Step two: With the longer side, leave a section from the crown to behind the ear and then with the remaining back part join with the other section you have temporarily secured into the lower corner of your nape and secure the two pieces with a band, creating a ponytail.

Step three: Backcomb the ponytail to create volume, then wrap this into a knot and secure with grips (this will look like a low corner chignon). Tip - use a fine hair net to secure and make it look smooth and flawless.

Step four: Take the section you left out and French braid back the piece and wrap this around the knot, and again secure with grips.

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Inspired by Botticelli's Primavera senior stylists from Neville Hairdressers created dreamy, ethereal updos at Ralph & Russo’s SS15 show that were both simple and natural to help accompany the glamorous, embellished gowns of the line. Floaty, girly and utterly elegant, this look is the ideal summer-time hairstyle for any bride-to be. “The hair look was decidedly youthful and light, says stylist Stephen Low. “It was a soft, textured plaited bun that was put in a centre parting and then pulled into a ponytail before again being plaited and distressed. The hair was then given a cotton wool-esque finish and weaved at the nape of the neck.”

In-store styling:

Created by stylist Stephen Low this look along with other professional styling and beautiful blow-dry’s can be done in Neville Hairdressers  with prices starting from roughly £45.

Home hair how-to:

Step one: Place hair into a centre parting and pull hair into a ponytail using natural movement.

Step two: Plait the ponytail and secure with a pin. Gently pull the plait apart to give a romantic, distressed effect.

Step three: Curl the plait underneath itself to create a bun and secure with pins. Again gently pull the plait and bun apart to create a beautiful boho finish. Finish with a spritz of  L’Oreal Professionnel Infinium Soft Hairspray , £2.99.

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