Breakout calming natural skincare and mind-soothing wellness buys are top of our Editor-at-Large's shopping list this month

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Ever since I had my daughter a year ago, I have really enjoyed using more earth-friendly products. When I was pregnant I wanted to use products containing fewer toxins, but I also couldn't bear the smell of artificial fragrances. Now that I'm not pregnant, products with a heavy scent are still overpowering to me. I am also very keen to use eco-friendly products because of the values they represent – every earth-friendly brand I meet has a unique story and their owners work so hard in order to create products that fit with their values.

There is a huge amount of waste, excess packaging and plastic used in the beauty industry and I feel we also need to change that. I live in and love the countryside and the idea that we don't ruin the earth with our vanity has become very important to me. Obviously, in my job, it's hard to stick to these sorts of products all the time, given the range of beauty products there are to cover, but I am trying.

I have also been using very simple dermatology-based brands with no scent, no silicones and no foaming agents because I tried a much-hyped, overly perfumed moisturiser recently and my skin broke out in a rash of tiny pimples. This has happened to me before and the brilliant dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting  told me what to do: pare back my skincare regime and keep it extremely simple. It's a common misconception that when we get breakouts, we want to apply other products to fix it but that can often make the problem worse.

Finally, I have been trying anything that helps me to destress at the end of a long day of working and mothering. I have a bath most nights  – it's my time to switch off and not feel I have to do anything, talk to anyone or answer to anyone shouting "Mummy!". I highly recommend it!

Vanderohe Nourishing Face Serum, £33

Using wild-crafted and organic ingredients, this is a very special blend of aromatherapy oils that leaves my skin really radiant. It also smells very gentle which is perfect as I find strong aromatherapy oils on my face hard to bear.

Evveervital Power On Geometric Legging, £82

One to watch, Eveervital is a new fitness and yoga wear brand that is ethically sourced and responsibly manufactured. There is no sacrifice in quality or style. In fact, they are better than many non-earth friendly activewear brands I have tried. These leggings look amazing, hold my stomach in, feel breathable and are incredibly soft.

Sandqvist Cork Yoga Mat, £49

Did you know that no tree is cut down to harvest cork? It's just the bark that's stripped from cork oak trees. It is also recyclable and totally renewable. I love rolling out this yoga mat in a sea of plastic ones and think it looks fabulous, is breathable and non-slip. This one comes in a very chic eco-yoga bag too.

Wild Nutrition Ashwagandha Plus 60 Capsules, £19.50

There is a big buzz about ashwagandha at the moment  - an exceptional Indian adaptogenic herb, it is said to increase our ability to deal with physiological and psychological stress. Created for 'busy people' (I'm definitely one of those), it is 'food-state' which means it is made from real ingredients not a pile of chemicals, and  I do feel a little calmer when I take it.

(M)anasi 7 All Over Colour in Densuke, £39

I love this brand. I discovered it at Content Beauty  - an earth-friendly shop in Marylebone in London that has a great selection of eco-beauty products. Using sustainable ingredients and highly focussed on reducing their environmental impact, their products are as modern as any other big name brands. I use this product daily on lips and cheeks to help my sleep-starved face look half alive.

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish in Zoe, £15

This is my absolute favourite nail varnish brand  - not only is it nail varnish that's free from nasties  such as toluene, formaldehyde, harsh parabens and synthetic camphor, but the colours are also the chicest on the market. This rose/beige is the perfect colour to edge us into spring.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo, £36

This is an amazing haircare brand that is new to the UK. Now stocked in Space NK, the brand relies on a potent blend of natural oils, vitamins and antioxidants (instead if sulphates, silicones and parabens). I would describe it as a natural hair care brand that really works (some don't!). This Scalp Revival shampoo is a cult product in the making. The charcoal makes it very slightly exfoliating, so your scalp is left zinging and fresh.

Bamford B Silent Bath Oil 125ml, £70

I have tried a few of Bamford's bath oils and they really are amazing. Their blends are always quite unique with something a little unexpected, plus they look incredibly chic on your bathroom shelf. Containing lavender, chamomile, olive oil and vetiver, it has a luxuriously warm, cocooning scent that's hard to beat.

Neom Organics Real Luxury Scented Candle - 4 Wick, £180

I don't know a person who doesn't love a Neom candle. Created using natural wax and aromatherapy oils they not only scent your house but actually boost your wellbeing too. Now they have created an Ultimate collection for die-hard fans or those who have a large kitchen island to fill. Containing lavender, jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood it's about four times the size of a normal candle and looks incredibly impressive.

CeraVe Daily Moisturising Lotion, £9

Until last year CeraVe was only available abroad, but you can now buy it in Boots and on Asos. Designed by dermatologists, it is enriched with ceramides and is its aim is to strengthen and boost our skin barrier. It contains no colouring, perfumes or silicones (so you don't get that luxury slippy feel) and is non-comedogenic so it's perfect for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and psoriasis. Simple, yet effective and affordable, I have been using it post my skin breakout and I swear I have it to thank for returning my skin back to normal.

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