From Tilbury’s two step skincare ritual to a new take on Liz Earle’s classic cleanser, here’s what’s got us talking this week

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Every week the Glossy Posse sift through the latest launches to pick the cream of the crop, and in today’s edit we’re throwing praise at a real mix; there are the eye masks that hide a bout of bad sleep, teas that give your vitamin intake a boost and Charlotte Tilbury’s latest skincare offering, as well as a frizz-fixer and a new edition of the iconic Cleanse and Polish. Read on for the new products that passed the gloss test with flying colours…

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual Miracle Spa in a Jar, £32.50

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Loved by: Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

“If there was ever a time my dry skin needed a fast pick-me-up, it's now during this icy cold snap. Part of a two-step ritual, The Goddess Cleansing Ritual comprises of a Citrus Oil Radiance Cleanse followed by a Purifying Charcoal Cleanse designed to work in tandem to tackle dull and dry skin, by drawing out impurities and adding some much needed glow back into your complexion.  Both have a scent that live up to the name of ‘spa in a jar’ but my favourite is the first step of the cleanse. It’s a conconut oil base that removes even my stubborn waterproof mascara, infused with hydrating Amazonian bacuri butter that’s rich and nourishing, plus brightening vitamin C to bring clarity to the skin. I follow this cleanse with Ritual 2, an antioxidant-rich charcoal to deeply cleanse and gently clear the pores of dirt and grime. You massage this part onto a wet face once you've rinsed off the first cleanser, which will eventually turn the black charcoal white so you know you're ready to rinse. It has a very refreshing, cooling effect on the skin, and I'd say the instant effect was of a much brighter complexion that felt deeply cleansed without being stripped. 10/10 from me.”

Decléor Cica Botanic Balm, £35 for 50ml

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Loved by: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

“Like a super luxe version of Vicks, this natural eucalyptus, rosemary and geranium based salve came to my rescue during a recent chest infection - working a dab into my chest and around my neck helped me to breathe better and made me feel a bit more chilled overall. It works just as well on chapped skin and dry patches (it’s rich in nourishing plant oils and beeswax), and while I wouldn’t put it on my face as suggested, it’s a winter reviver whether you’re under the weather or not. A litte goes a really long way.”

IGK Crybaby Anti-frizz Smoothing Serum, £22

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Loved by: Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

“First things first, this smells delicious. It’s like slathering your hair in sweetly scented syrup (with none of the stickiness mind you). Its serum-in-oil texture is a joy to apply, slipping silkily through mid-lengths to tame weather-induced frizz and quickly gloss over dry ends. Ingredients such as safflower seed oil, prickly pear cactus extract and coconut oil make it an especially effective match for my coarse, wavy hair when it comes to making it more resilient to fluctuations in forecast - something I’m particularly grateful for at the moment when the climate’s anything but consistent.”

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Bergamot and Juniper Limited Edition, £23.50

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Loved by: Alexandra Harrison, Admin Assistant

“Whenever my skin is feeling a little worse for wear, I come back to this timeless classic from Liz Earle. Cleanse and Polish was the first cleanser I ever used and I always ensure I am never without a bottle in my collection, it never fails me! Recently my skin has been going a little crazy, breaking out and feeling drier than usual now the temperature has dropped, so I’ve been testing out the latest limited edition offering - Bergamot and Juniper. This combination is a match made in heaven - bergamot brings a slight zesty note while juniper adds a warming essence. Together they are subtle, yet spa-like and relaxing, just as you’d expect from the brand. A new season twist on a classic, irreplaceable product - if you like the idea of upgrading your Cleanse and Polish this is definitely worth giving a go.”

Gucci: The Alchemist's Garden - A Winter Melody, £180 for 150ml

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Loved by: Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

“Right, I know the price of this is enough to have us all running for the hills but as a self-confessed fragrance junkie, I can't help but fall hard for this beautifully decadent Alchemist Garden collection by Gucci. It ticks three boxes; my love of perfumery, exquisite packaging and pure #shelfie goals. A Winter Melody is my favourite among the 14-strong fragrance collection. It's an Eau de Toilette so is a lot lighter and although designed to be layered with another in the collection, I personally think stands its ground as a beautifully feminine, solo scent. Inspired by nature, it’s very fresh and balmy, much like a crisp winter morning with notes of cypress, bergamot and rose; the immediate rush of energy settles into something more powdery and muted that lingers long into the evening. The whole fragrance experience begins with the packaging; adorned with vines of tiny flowers and gold detailing, it oozes classic sophistication and reminds me not only of my grandmother's powdery scent, but also her dressing table - evoking nostalgic memories, and also bringing a much-needed winter lift. It pushes everything else to the back of the shelf.”

Intraceuticals Eye Mask, £39.95 for a set of 6

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Loved by: Victoria Woodhall, Editorial Director

“I came across these beautifully soothing and moisturising under-eye gel masks at Sabrina Shah Desai’s Perfect Eyes Clinic  on Harley Street. She’s an award-winning reconstructive eye surgeon and specialises in aesthetics, so if it makes the cut for her, you know it’s good. These have completely transformed the way I look and feel after a bad insomnia episode, thanks to the hyaluronic acid complex, which is this plant-based Australian brand’s USP. After 15 minutes with them on, I feel and look a hundred times better and bizarrely as though I have had more sleep than my actual three hours. The skin under my eyes loses that awful tired-eye tightness and even my eyeballs feel revived and lose their grittiness. I got through this pack of six in indecent time, they were so good. “

Vitabiotics Vitamin Tea+, £3.99

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Loved by: Judy Johnson, Digital Editor

“I think everyone’s on a bit of a health kick at the moment, but while chocolate is still sneaking into my days come 3pm one place where I am being more disciplined is with my supplements; all too often I’ve started taking one and then dropped out of the habit a few days later. I’m sticking to Vitabiotics' daily vitamin D as well as trying Hairfollic  for my currently quite thin hair, but Vitabiotics have just launched these vitamin teas for an added boost. They’re designed as a two week routine to support your health, and you can pick between Cleanse, Energy, Defence or Vitamin D. My favourite was Energy, which contains yerba mate and ginseng - the raspberry and pomegranate flavour was stronger than my usual herbal teas but that only made me want more. An easy way to add more goodness into your daily routine.”