For a speedy way to tackle greasy roots and rain-induced frizz, look no further than these pint-sized hair heroes

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Blotting sheets I’ve recently found, aren’t just for my shiny T-zone. They’ve also proven pretty useful for my greasy roots and dry ends too (painting quite the attractive picture here I know). I’m terrible at packing light however, in my endeavours to downsize, hair wipes have stealthily worked their way into my hand and gym bags in place of clunky bottles of dry shampoo and hair serum to help tame flyaways and mop up excess oil when time and space aren’t working in my favour.

The transition’s helped take some valuable lbs off my daily baggage and provided much-needed relief to my aching, often weighed down shoulders. And, with holiday season coming up, swapping plastic for paper might just be the way to ensure my suitcase doesn’t go over the limit. Again.

What do hair sheets do?

There are two main types of hair sheet that brands seems to be focussing on - those designed to absorb excess moisture and those designed to add some, each with the objective of providing a speedy refresh that doesn’t disturb your style. While the ‘dry beauty’ trend has already made its mark on makeup and skincare - Mai Couture’s Highlighter Papiers  and Charlotte Tilbury’s Dry Sheet Mask  for example provide refreshingly faff-free ways to get your water-free beauty fix - the choice as far as hair care goes has been somewhat limited, so these new arrivals make for a particularly welcome innovation.

How do they compare to their full-size counterparts?

Hmmm, it would take some convincing for me to make a full-time swap to their pint-sized versions. A spray dry shampoo is a still a better option for thicker and more greasiness-prone hair types and also for boosting both volume and texture. A bottle of hair oil or a serum provides a richer treatment for days when my ends are particularly parched. They're also pretty pricey - surprisingly so, with some working out at about a quid a page. Performance-wise though, if you find traditional dry shampoos or hair oils too heavy or if you’re short on minutes or room, they do serve a valuable purpose.

When it comes to post-gym frizz and ways to disguise the after-effects of a particularly hard workout (or sauna session - just making the most out of my membership), they deliver. Just don’t expect them to work miracles on four day post-wash hair or hair that’s been caught without an umbrella. More for time-strapped situations when you literally just want to swipe, blot and go.

The frizz-fighting and dry shampoo hair sheets making their mark

IGK Charcoal Dry Shampoo Blotting Tissues, £16 for 16 tissues

Okay granted, these look more like condoms than hair care. But that’s where their similarities end. Ripping one of these open is unlikely to have the same ramifications (if it does, you’re using them wrong). Inside, lies a lightly fragranced hair wipe made of natural hemp  paper and infused with activated charcoal  powder to mop up excess oil. Simply pat the coated side on areas that are particularly greasy for a quickie clean-up.

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Nunzio Saviano Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets, £24 for 50 sheets

This jumbo-pack of travel-friendly sheets provides an ample supply of oil-absorbing papers to see you through the hottest of holidays. Made of rice paper, each contains a transparent powder designed to absorb excess oil without leaving tell-tale chalky streaks behind. Again, lightly press into scalp and hair and brush through for even application.

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Ouai Anti-Frizz Smoothing Sheets, £20 for 15 sheets

If however, you’re looking to tuck away flyaways or smooth away humidity-induced frizz, these more conditioning hemp paper hair wipes are a more suitable alternative. Enriched with coconut oil and shea butter, run along lengths and ends to rehydrate and de-static.

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IGK No-Frizz Smoothing Hair Wipes, £16 for 16 wipes

First off, these smell crazy good. Secondly, their avocado and camellia oil blend makes for an effective combination for helping you regain control over unruly ends. Easy to guide over areas you’re looking to add some smoothness too, they leave hair gently scented and without a greasy residue.

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