The GTG team are very lucky to meet some of the finest makeup artists, hair stylists and beauty professionals in the world, but which are the greatest tips they ever got taught? They spill the beans…

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Susannah Taylor, Editor-at-Large

When you apply face powder, apply it with a brush to the places you really don’t want to see shine such as the middle of your forehead, in between your brows, under the eyes and on the chin. However it’s important to keep your cheeks free from powder so as to keep their natural, healthy glow otherwise it can all become a bit mask-like and ageing. Makeup artist Mary Greenwell

I learnt this great tip for creating the perfect beachy tousle when you have naturally frizzy hair (like I do). Blow dry hair smooth before bed, then pile hair up in a bun on the top of your head and use a band to secure it (important: don’t tie hair up into a ponytail and then into a bun, but pull hair into a bun shape with hands and use a band to go round and secure the whole thing - this will ensure you don’t get a big ponytail ‘bump’ when you take it out). Leave ends out of the band so they don’t get ‘ridges’ in too. Keep in overnight (or on your way to work if you do it in the morning) and shake out. Voila! Super sexy tousled hair. Melanie Pellegrini at  John Frieda  (who has perfected the art of this herself)

Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

To never opt for a full head of colour if you’ve only got a few greys. Instead, ensure your hair colourist is more targeted in their approach and only applies the hair colour where needed in order to keep damage to a minimum.  Jack Howard , top hair colourist.

That good makeup is nothing without good skincare and the right foundations. “Think of it as DIY,” makeup artist  Caroline Barnes  told me when providing her top tips for foundation application in my downloadable e-guide: ‘ The Ultimate Guide to Foundation for Darker Skin Tones’ . “If you just paint your wall straight away, it’ll look great at first, but the effect won’t last as long - you want to address its tone first and then paint it in order for the finished look to look professional.”

To always, ALWAYS take your makeup off before bed - no matter how late you get in. Mother Muttucumaru, aka my mum.

Gemma Bellman, Managing Director

Exfoliation is the key to a perfect pout. Gently remove any dead skin, moisturise and allow to absorb before applying your colour. Not only will this ensure a healthier looking lip, it will prolong your lipstick staying power too.  Lina Cameron , Makeup Artist

When towel drying your hair, always avoid rubbing the hair together, this abrasive action can cause damage and create lacklustre hair once dried. Instead, squeeze the hair to wring the water out.  Philip Kingsley , Trichologist

Judy Johnson, Digital Editor

Tap and pat your concealer for a flawless complexion. I usually use cream concealer under my eyes and then a creamy stick for everywhere else, but used to blend it in like I would foundation and wonder why I needed so much to cover blemishes and dark circles, until I heard this great tip from GTG favourite, Mary Greenwell. It’s so simple but yields great results - don’t swipe your concealer across your skin, simply tap it in repeatedly until it’s seamlessly blended. You get a denser coverage and use less product, too. Mary Greenwell, Makeup Artist

Dry skin is not necessarily down to your moisturiser. I’ve always suffered with sensitive skin and used to use as little as I could in terms of skincare to avoid aggravating it - however, this meant I was using fragrance-free face wipes and a bit of water to cleanse. I always had dry skin no matter how much moisturiser I used, and it was only when reading proper-cleansing champion Caroline Hirons’ blog that I realised it wasn’t more cream I needed, it was a better cleansing routine. I ditched the chemical-laden wipes and started using creamy cleansers (such as Pai’s hero cleanser) and hey presto, the flaky skin I’d always had on my cheeks and forehead soon disappeared. You can put on as many serums and moisturisers as you like, but cleansing is key.  Caroline Hirons , skincare specialist and beauty blogger

‘Hypoallergenic’ is a meaningless term. Dr Sam Bunting confirmed this when I was researching for my sensitive skin ebook , and learning to never take labels at face value has saved my face from many a reaction. Swot up on your ingredients and read those lists instead - don’t be fooled by reassuring words on the front of the packaging such as ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘dermatologically tested’ which tend to simply mean it’s been tested on human skin. It could still be packed with common allergens!  Dr Sam Bunting , Cosmetic Dermatologist

Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

Makeup looking cakey? If you’ve applied your base with a heavy hand, you needn’t go right back to square one and take it all off. Instead spritz your face with your mist of choice (Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Avène Eau Thermale are refreshing options) and buff foundation with a kabuki brush. You’ll end up with coverage that looks a lot more dewy and ‘real’. I learned this from the phenomenal Rebecca Clarke, makeup artist and director of sales & artistry for Kevyn Aucoin. For a guide to the best makeup brushes out there , from kabuki to concealer, keep an eye out for my upcoming e-guide on the topic of makeup brushes and tools.

“Mix your foundation with your moisturiser. Trust me. You’ll achieve a beautifully soft glow, it looks really modern. Doing this also transforms the texture of the products, making it super easy to blend and work with.”  Gucci Westman , makeup artist

Makeup artist and brow expert  Jenna Treat  taught me not to be too pernickity about my brows. A bushy, slightly wild brow can be incredibly youthful, and while of course a little definition goes a long way, it’s far preferable to be a little unkempt in the eyebrow department than overdo it with plucking, waxing and threading and be forced to enter brow rehab. A full brow can help you to look less tired too. I’m currently growing out my fringe so letting my brows loose for the first time, thus this advice is particularly timely for me.

“If you’re in the salon for a blow dry or styling appointment, have a ‘micro snip’ at the same time. Taking off minute split ends will make practically zero difference to the length of the hair, but will automatically make it look blunt and healthier, not to mention allow you to grow your hair and go for longer in between cutting appointments. Little and often I say.” Melanie Pellegrini, John Frieda salon stylist

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