From how to colour your roots to creating the dream head of curls, these are the YouTube videos to follow religiously

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In the first lockdown we went a bit rogue with our hair, dying it different colours of the rainbow and cutting in haphazard fringes (forgive us, the weeks felt really long) but we've grown into better people this lockdown and rather than snipping away with abandon we're tuning into hairdresser-led YouTube tutorials to teach us how to cut our own hair, how to cover our roots at home and when we're feeling like getting glammed up, how to create celeb-worthy styles. We may not emerge from lockdown as the new Jen Atkin, but at least our hair won't be as bad as last time...

How to cut your own hair tutorial with George Northwood

If you must take scissors to your hair, it's best to follow the lead of a pro. Our awards judge George Northwood filmed this video with model Alexa Chung schooling her on how to trim her infamous bob. He starts by teaching her how to trim the lengths by point cutting into the ends, before graduating onto cutting the hair around her face and finally adding some subtle layers at the front. George is encouraging and supportive the whole way through and made it look easy.

How to cut children's hair tutorial with Larry King

If you've got any whipper-snappers in your midst, they might be crying out for haircut to stop them from looking feral at school. Larry King shows us how with this video filmed with Nancy, his youngest daughter. It's a little more technical than George and Alexa's cut but is easy to follow and a cute watch even if you don't need to cut a child's hair.

How to cut men's hair with Jen Atkin

Jen Atkin is more used to cutting Kim, Khloe and Kourtney's hair but turned her hand to cutting her partner Mike's hair in the first lockdown and kindly shared her expertise for us all to follow on YouTube. She shows us how to do a stylish fade with a combinator of clippers and scissors and makes us giggle along the way.

How to colour your roots with Jodie From Michael Van Clarke

Our editorial director Victoria Woodhall went live with her colourist Jodie from Michael Van Clarke's London salon for a step by step guide on how to colour your roots at home. Jodie explains how to colour match and cover your greys all from the comfort of your own home.

Disguising your roots with Josh Wood

Known for his hair colour expertise, Josh Wood filmed a step by step guide on how to hide our roots with useful tips on how to not stain your ears and hairline and explains why dotting your hair colour on is the best technique. He also advises to start on the underneath layer at the back for a more manageable, less messy process.

How to get perfect curls with Chris Appleton

Known as the man who styled JLo's bouncy head of hair for the Superbowl this year, we can think of no one better for a tutorial on creating perfect curls (plus his voice is just dreamy). He recommends product too, including Color Wow's Dream Coat For Curly Hair, £25, and makes achieving a head of the bounciest curls ever look oh-so easy.

How to do beachy waves with straighteners with Samantha Cusick

Queen of the balayage Samantha Cusick teaches how to create beachy texture with nothing more than a pair of straighteners. She explains how to hold the straighteners for waves (crucial) and why alternating in directions is key for a beachy look.

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