The best quick fixes for frizzy hair

Ayesha Muttucumaru 31 October 2017
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The best quick fixes for frizzy hair

How many times have you left your house with one hairstyle only to wind up with an entirely different one by the time you get to work? It’s a situation many of us know only too well when the effects of humidity, weather or an impromptu workout strike and threaten to throw our hairstyle of choice off track. However, whether you’ve got straight, curly, wavy or coily hair, there’s a number of effective hair styling products out there that can help add some welcome longevity to your handiwork and keep frizz at bay.

From dryness eliminating serums to blowdry balms and conditioning oils that enhance texture and act as a welcome extra barrier against the elements, here are the fast fix de-frizzing products that actually deliver.

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Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil, £19 for 25ml

Fast-absorbing and non-greasy, this silicone-free hair oil suits a range of different hair types and hair lengths. When applied to dry hair, it provides frizz-free protection to both curly and straight styles to enhance natural texture and quench parched ends too. Yes it’s small, but it’s impressively mighty in its results. Just one or two pumps are needed depending on your needs.

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John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Agent Touch-up Creme, £5.99 for 100ml

A handbag essential for those with curls, this flyaway eliminating quick fix stealthily adds definition and moisture to frizzy ends. Great used on damp and dry hair alike, it also proves particularly useful for giving updos an extra line of defence against the strand-tumbling effects of gravity and humidity.

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Dafni Go Straight Hair Straightening Brush, £99.95

If your morning straightening efforts often don’t withstand the frizz-inducing effects of train, traffic and weather, this portable heated tool could be the answer to your specific hair styling dilemma. Complete with ceramic coated bristles that heat up to 185 degrees and a carry bag too, its travel-friendly size works especially well for those with shorter hair lengths.

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Moroccanoil Treatment, £13.45 for 25ml

For thicker hair types that frizz at the faintest whiff of moisture, this heavy duty handbag-friendly option is the ideal humidity-fighting go-to. Extremely rich, you’re best using it on damp hair first to see how it sits as a leave-in conditioner before testing it out as a finishing product on dry hair (it’s good, but potent). Infused with conditioning argan oil, vitamins and proteins, it adds shine, suppleness and hydration in one fell swoop to dryness-prone ends.

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Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Balm, £44 for 150ml

One for gym bags if a quick post-workout hair wash is on the cards, this high performance creamy hair balm helps transform even the worst of changing room blowdries. You know the kind - stressy and sweaty - anything to get out of there as fast as possible. Lighter than carrying around a separate shampoo and conditioner, and effective in giving your gym’s toiletries of choice a much-needed upgrade, its combination of protective flower extracts, strengthening hydrolyzed quinoa and nourishing Yacón root juice makes it a conditioning and divinely scented pick for frizz-prone thick and wavy types looking to shift textures for the day. It adds impressive humidity-protecting longevity to your blowout.

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Philip B Weightless Conditioning Water, £38 for 150ml

If oils and serums normally leave your locks feeling lank and weighed down, this new invisible mist may just be a bit of a revelation for you. Adding hydration to lengths without causing roots to fall flat, finer hair types will particularly benefit from its frizz-fighting prowess (although my thicker, wavier hair has also been loving it for quick deskside refreshes too). Magnolia flower-scented, it subtly smoothes and moisturises and while it’s a high price to pay for an H20 upgrade, its innovative light-as-air texture makes it worthy of note.

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Label M Therapy Rejuvenating Oil Mist, £22.36 for 100ml

A hair softening mist that adds a hardworking spritz of hydration to dry and damaged ends, this pick works perfectly for those with thick, wavy, curly and coily hair types looking for some midday moisture. Infused with Moroccan argan oil, it offers a mess-free alternative to clunky bottles thanks to its handy spray applicator and non-greasy texture.

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Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-prep Smoother, £8 for 25ml

A pint-sized humidity fighter that fits into the smallest of spaces, this styler’s combination of aloe, maize and guar bean helps create the smoothest of post-wash and workout foundations. Simply apply to damp hair and blowdry through lengths on days when you need your sleeker style to stay put with minimal product touch-ups needed.

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