How to stay creative, ‘fail’ well and age gracefully according to an industry insider at the top of his game…

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Pardon the pun, but Sam Burnett is pretty cutting-edge as far as salon owners go. An acclaimed stylist with an arty, sartorial edge (he coiffs the likes of Charlie XCX, Alice Dellal and Jaime Winstone), Sam is big into breaking through boundaries and progressing traditional ideas beyond the expected. His handpicked team share his creative credentials, and the Hare & Bone  salon in Fitzrovia has become known for its aesthetic prowess, personalised service and modern feel. From colouring to cutting to styling to just having a chat (perhaps over a glass of Hare & Bone house wine), the H&B bunch are refreshingly open, fun and attentive. Basically, if stuffiness is your biggest turn off when it comes to salon trips, you’ll be in heaven here. We’ll let Sam explain how he’s cultivated his grounded attitude and expertise along the way…

The Best Things I’ve Learned About…


I don't believe in failure. If something doesn't work out as you expected it to I would say it's more of a learning curve. I also use perceived failures as drivers; ways of keeping motivated to improve/ I don't like to be beaten so I usually go back for more.

Switching off

This is tough sometimes but so important as it gives you time to be creative and recharge your batteries. I find music and movies a great way to switch off. I have just booked two photography courses over the summer with a view to taking three weeks off at Christmas to travel around India and take some great snaps. This is a great way for me to switch off as I have time away booked and I'm learning something new so it helps me to disconnect from the everyday pressures of what I do.


As I have gotten older I have grown in confidence and I'm much happier in my own skin. I'm realising though that life is short so you have to do what makes you happy and get as much out of life as you can. I have also realised getting enough sleep is big must.


I'm driven by passion and ambition. Money to me is a way of paying the bills and for things I want to experience in life. I always reinvest.


Are amazing! I'm surrounded by such talented people every day. We draw off each other’s energy. It’s so important to surround yourself with the right people.

Hiring staff

Hairdressing is a people business, therefore the team is so important. I have a casual instinctive style of interviewing. I believe the right people come into your life at the right time, as so far we have done all of our recruiting through word of mouth and our social media channels.

Confidence at work

When you have a great team around you who share a common vision, who support each other and who genuinely work as a team it really builds confidence. One thing I have learned over my career is to trust my gut instinct; it's always right.

A working wardrobe

I mix it up a lot depending on my mood or whether I’m in the salon, on a shoot, or backstage at an event. I have an eclectic style so you might see me in trainers one day and a shirt and suit jacket the next.

Organising myself

My iPhone organises my life; if it's not in my phone it doesn't happen. I also have an amazing Front of House team in the salon who help me to manage my life!

The digital age

I'm a technophobe and am always the last to embrace new technology, however, once you have pulled me there kicking and screaming and if I can see the benefits then I love it.

Office politics

We have a very open team policy with defined roles so this encourages everyone to take ownership and have a voice. We have monthly one to ones and a team meeting so this generally helps us to maintain a harmonious environment.

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