Boost your beauty regime with health and beauty advice from the experts

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Bad posture relief

"Hunching over a computer changes posture and tightens the chest - this stifles breathing and has a big mental and physical impact, leading to damaged nerves in the back and even panic attacks. Simple and regular exercises like back bends, forward bends and arm spirals help enormously and can easily be done at or near your desk (you shouldn’t get too many strange looks)," says Max Henderson, co-founder of  Hotpod Yoga .

Effective exercise

"Tri-planar movement: maybe not a familiar term, but moving in all three planes of movement (front to back; side to side; and twisting) is fundamental to keeping our bodies not only in good shape, but in the working order that they were designed for... that is, for purpose. Sitting on a chest press is fine for some goals, but actually, simply moving your body weight through space in different directions is the most effective way to stay active for longer," says Chris Ward , UK Personal Training Manager at Fitness First .Summer hair colour how-to

"To kick start your summer colour, create a halo of highlights just around the hairline to give you an instant lift and look as if you've been on the beach for a week. This is easily achieved by highlighting the frame of the hairline all the way round with a honey-kissed blonde, followed by a high gloss treatment," says  Hannah Gaboardi , hair colourist at  blo by Real Hair .

Healthy snacks on-the-go

"There’s really no such thing as a healthy snack, as it’s best not to eat between meals and that’s especially important for weight loss. But if you desperately need to snack and feel really hungry, first have a 1/2 litre of water. Water can fool your tummy into thinking you’ve eaten and it helps to speed up the metabolism. Wait for 10 minutes and if you're still hungry, have five or six almonds and an apple or a small packet of savoury, (not sweet) kale chips. Or a hardboiled egg. Or a carrot and two teaspoons of pumpkin seed butter," says  Petronella Ravenshear , nutritional therapist.

Ingrown hair removal

"I use Lycon Spa Anti Bump Foaming Gel , £14 in the shower every day. It’s pH neutral and with lemon tea tree, arnica and calendula it’s highly effective in combating ingrown hairs, blemishes, congested pores and bumpy skin," says  Carleigh Rayner , Strip Wax Boutique's Head Therapist.

The fitness formula

"I recommend exercise is kept to short, high intensity blasts and be combined with a low glycemic diet: any protein must be highly absorbable, (e.g. eggs, fish, chicken, cottage cheese, quinoa and steak). The key phrase is NPU - your net protein utilisation, to keep the body properly nourished and allow muscles to work to burn fat," says Zana Morris , fitness expert and founder of .

The brace-free way to straighter teeth

"A beautiful smile can instantly wipe 10 years off how old you look. Veneers are a quick, reliable solution to creating the perfect smile for you.

"Handcrafted porcelain veneers can be used to close gaps, realign crowded and protruding teeth and whiten a discoloured smile. Many celebrities have used veneers to keep them looking young and healthy. The painless, straightforward treatment takes as little as two weeks so can fit into your life’s busy schedule," says Dr Joe Oliver , cosmetic dentist.

How to curl your hair like a pro

“Remember to let the curls cool. Playing with the curls when warm will just make them drop. ‘Set’ Hollywood waves will make you look older – something that’s tousled and contemporary is more youthful. Spritz your hands with a sea salt or dry shampoo, such as a Sebastian Drynamic and, using the full length of your fingers and palms, rub down the mid-lengths and ends. This bonds the waves together so you’re left with a perfect mussed-up finish,” says Bruce Masefield , Sassoon UK Creative Director. (Check out his beach hair tousle tutorial  here).

The quick-fix facial

"If you don’t have time for a salon facial, then DIY," says facialist  Debbie Thomas .

"Start by cleansing makeup and daily grime off your skin, then undergo light exfoliation - don't go too mad, you are only trying to dislodge loose dead skin, not make the skin sore.

“Now you need to get the radiance and hydration back into your skin, so use a thick creamy mask but don't just pop it on and wait 20 minutes, instead do a vigorous massage over the mask, using the heels of your hands to do firm upward and outward movements, starting in the centre of the face and working outwards.

“Pinch your skin, using enough pressure so the skin pinks a little and do this in lines starting at the jaw and working up to the cheek area. Massage for at least five but ideally 10 minutes. Leave the mask a further 10 minutes, then rinse off. If you’re not prone to redness, finish with an ice cube rub down: simply rub an ice cube over the face keeping it in constant motion to further stimulate circulation.

“Pat dry and apply your hydrator. Massage your cleanser in for between two and five minutes at least three times a week to help with circulation and lymphatic drainage. Use firm upwards and outwards circular movements."

Hair mask moxie

“I advise all my clients to use a hair mask rich in essential oils, vitamin C and E and amino acids to strip hair of pollution, dirt and to decongest pores. You should treat your hair at least twice a month to deeply cleanse, nourish and revitalise. In my Organic Head range I have a fantastic at-home treatment called Detox Masque,” says hair stylist Daniel Galvin Junior .

Coconut know-how

“Change your normal yoghurt in the morning to COYO. It is dairy-free and the healthy fat from the coconut will help you to burn more fat and also keep you fuller for longer,” says Nathalie Schyllert , Fitness Expert and Director of Operations and Bodywear at Bodyism.