Claudia Winkleman is famed for her ultra-glossy hair and statement black eyeliner. Here she shares the makeup and haircare she buys on repeat to create her trademark look

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Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman, 49, lives in London with her producer husband Kris, their three children (ages 18, 15 and nine) and their pet tortoise, Yoshi. She's an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and Head and Shoulders and is a trustee of Comic Relief. In lockdown she penned her first book,  Quite , a collection of essays on everything from the importance of nurses, why nobody over the age of nine should wear colour and why melted cheese is a life essential. Here she fills us in on her average day and the hair and makeup essentials she always buys.

My typical day

"I wake up quite early to get the small puffins off to school (I should probably make it clear they are not actual puffins) and this will involve me yelling about marmite on toast being ready and last minute spelling tests. I usually forget what day they have PE and who needs to take in a calculator when but thankfully they’re much more organised than me. I get on the tube which is one of the loves of my life and drop off the little one. He still skips which is thrilling.

"I’ll come home and immediately have a ‘meeting'. This is not a meeting but actually a nap. I can’t really function without extra sleep, so I’ll lie down for thirty minutes and doze. Then decaf coffee and some eggs. I had caffeine once and stayed up for about three days. I’ll then do actual work – either filming or reading about who’s coming on the radio or writing and then a cheese omelette (I love eggs) and then phone chats with my girlfriends. We talk. A lot.

"Then I collect the small people and then race around the kitchen asking them to do their homework. Dinner is fish fingers or pasta or a snack plate (this is whatever is in the fridge and about to wilt) followed by snuggling and then a book and in bed by nine. It’s not very exciting but it’s perfect for me."

My weekend

"Weekends have to involve roast potatoes or it’s not really a weekend. Lockdown taught us the absolute joy of walks . I know that sounds ridiculous, but I never really did ‘outside’ before (we don’t have a garden). When we were allowed our hour of exercise we really relished it and now march through our local park. We have named most of the squirrels and we feed them special squirrel friendly nuts. No, I am not joking. We chat to the ducks and look at the flowers and then we eat. There’s a lot of eating. We love London Zoo and can’t wait to get back there.

"Maybe later we'll watch a family movie and then I really like to play games with them all, such as cards or Trivial Pursuit. The older ones roll their eyes and tut and talk about seeing their friends, but they like it really. I think.

"My husband and I are absolutely crazy for bridge but haven’t been able to play for a year. Once we’re fully allowed I can’t wait for us to have friends round for some high intensity cards and pie. On Sunday we'll have Sunday lunch with friends and yes, more potatoes."

My beauty routine

"Routine is a big word. I’m a bit lacklustre and extremely lazy when it comes to beauty. I am, however, obsessed with Head and Shoulders and always have been so I always use products from the range. The brand just brought out Deep Cleanse shampoos , £6, which are completely magical. I have no idea about the science side of things, but I do know that nothing makes my hair shiny quite like Head and Shoulders. I take a very long shower with the shampoo and then I just let my hair dry in a towel . If I’m feeling extra glamorous I’ll comb my fringe.

"I am simply obsessed with the  Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads , £34 for 20, and I love Blistex Intensive Moisturiser , £2.69, but that’s pretty much it for a routine, but there are other products I love. Someone gave me some  Augustinus Bader The Cream , £205, and I almost fell over it was so good. I love Tippex lips so always use MAC's Fleshpot lipstick , £17.50. I am also extremely keen on Skin Food  by Weleda, £8.25. It does what it promises. My skin inhales it. The only perfume I wear is YSL Opium , £56, it smells of filth, of a good time, of absolute cheek and these things are important."

Wellness from within

"The most important things for me to feel good is laughing with friends and a lot of sleep. If I don’t speak to my girls and if I have a twitchy night in bed then I feel all scratchy. This might sound corny and slightly toe-curling but if my friends are all okay then I am. There’s a group of us and we really make each other laugh so talking to them is vital. Reading is huge too, I get into a slight panic if I don’t have a book on the go. I get into bed early, I make sure the kids are happy, check in with my parents and then everything is good."

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The best advice I've been given

"My favourite pieces of advice came from my mum. The first is if in doubt, lie down and close your eyes. We’re all so busy, too busy, so to shut down and not worry for a minute is key and also be orange. If in doubt, put more bronzer on. If I’m rested and the colour of a tangerine then everything is excellent."

Claudia Winkleman's beauty essentials

Head and Shoulders Deep Cleanse Scalp Detox Shampoo, £6

"My family has always used Head and Shoulders, so when they approached me to be part of the team I did an actual handstand with happiness. If you like seriously clean hair and a happy scalp this is the shampoo for you. It’s also excellent value as a large bottle will last for yonks. If I’m away and use another shampoo I feel my hair is duller for it. True fact."

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Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads , £34

"These are outstanding. If you want to look like you’ve been in Capri for the weekend and had lunch outside then use these. They’re immediately excellent and make your skin glow. I can’t live without them."

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Euthymol toothpaste, £2.20

"This is bubble gum pink and tastes strong enough to strip wallpaper. I brush for hours with the stuff and it makes my teeth feel like they’re at a party. It’s delicious and twinkly and if you don’t believe me, try it."

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Space NK Makeup Brushes, from £26

"Space NK is the best beauty shop on the planet. I think that’s a given. I love wandering around the stores smelling and squeezing things. The staff always know exactly the best thing for whatever you need and the make up brushes are almost edible and they last for 900 years and I’m a dinosaur so you must trust me."

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Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara, £29

"This is ridiculously good. If you want proper done up holy moly eyes then this is the only one. It isn’t polite, it isn’t barely noticeable. It makes your lashes one foot long and jet black."

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Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette, £49

"Charlotte Tilbury has created the greatest make-up known to mankind. I cannot even think about going out unless I’ve used her bronze and glow palette. It makes you look 280 years younger and dewy. Dewy is key."

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Blistex Intensive Moisturiser, £2.69

"I am, and this is no exaggeration, obsessed with lip salve. I’ve tried them all - fancy ones, basic ones, tinted ones, but the king has to be Blistex. The classic one in the little tube. It’s freakishly medicinal and penetrates and does all the right things. I love it and once proposed to a tube."

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Lord and Berry Kajal Stick Intense Black Kajal, £14

"I can’t list the best make-up products without discussing eyeliner. I think this is the strongest and most powerful one. It’s got extra oomph and you can layer it and layer it. It’s also small and dinky and fits in a coat pocket and this is vital."

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Augustinus Bader The Cream, £205

"These are the best moisturisers. I only remember to moisturise about once every three weeks so when I do it, it has to scream 'this is good stuff'. Augustinus Bader and Creme de la Mer do it best. End of."

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MAC's Fleshpot lipstick, £17.50

"If I was out drinking margaritas with the girls and lost my phone, I’d cope, if I left my credit card at home, it wouldn’t be ideal, if I left my keys in the kitchen, I wouldn’t be over the moon but if I didn’t have my lipstick I’d feel bereft, small, lost. This is the only one for me. It was, quite simply love at first sight. When I first tried it on I just knew."

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Claudia Winkleman is an ambassador for Head and Shoulders