She has a forensic eye for healthy ingredients in food, so what does she use on her face and hair? Health blogger Lizzie King shows us inside her clean beauty edit

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Nutrition blogger and mother-of-three Lizzie King has always been forensic when it comes to scouring food labels and sourcing healthy ingredients for herself and family. It's what has made her blog  Lizzie Loves Healthy  a runaway success since it launched in 2015, to help families feed their children well. Her cookbook,  Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food , has since followed and she's now brought out a range of supplements for children  Lizzie Loves  .

In her own life, she uses that same eye for detail to choose the cleanest and most chemical-free beauty regime she can find. "A few years ago I really examined the ingredients in my skincare, as I would my food and made an effort to switch to greener and cleaner beauty," Lizzie says. "I noticed the change in my skin straight away; it’s definitely felt fresher and brighter ever since. I’m always swayed by the smells and the feel of products – a night time oil such as Vanderohe and a cleansing oil such as Disciple’s really make you stop and inhale it all."

For Lizzie, who is coeliac and can't eat gluten, sleep and good nutrition are the key to good health and skin for everyone. "I’m terrible at going to bed but this often means I run low on sleep and I see it in the dark eyes and less than sparkly skin. To combat this, I created  Be Sleepy , a powdered remedy to stir into milk before bed to calm the muscles and the mood. It's a combination of Montmorency cherry, magnesium and L-theanine for [the sleep hormone] melatonin and my whole family takes this for a good night’s sleep and to settle any restlessness."

"I make sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day and a large jasmine green tea in the afternoon is my staple and I know when I’m veering off course as my face and lips dry up fast."

My daily skincare routine

"Every day I do a splash clean, mist and moisture routine in the morning. I use the  Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser , £10,  Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator , £35, and his  Tinted Nutrient Day Cream with SPF30 , £95. At night I like to give my face a big drink and I cleanse with the rosemary-infused  Carrot Butter Cleanser , £36.55, from The Organic Pharmacy and then finish with a thirst quencher such as the  Vanderhoe No.1 Serum , £88."

"I use an enzyme mask to slough off the dull dead skin cells and keep the skin feeling fresher; I really like Josh Rosebrook’s  Active Enzyme Exfoliator , £65, and I’ve been adding in  Oskia’s Get up and Glow Serum , £69, in the morning and they have a collagen one,  Super 16 , £88, at night for a bonus when I remember. Their probiotic skincare approach is brilliant and I think we’ll all be heading there as we realise how key the skin's microbiome is too.

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"To help calm my no-longer blow-dried hair, I love the  Yarok Moisture Mask , £59, and the  Feed Your Curls Defining Cream , £44, which really helps to keep my wild locks looking a little more shiny and smooth.  By Sarah London’s Organic Hair Oil , £23, is in my handbag and I add this to the ends whenever they look dry and brittle."

"Getting a workout in first thing helps me hugely. I find if I don't get it done in the morning it doesn't happen. I’ve been a Tracy Anderson devotee for ten years - living room streaming is a no excuse regime and lately, I’ve fallen for  The Class  online too, which is a physical and mental workout."

"Since we've all been washing our hands more often I wanted to find a really good hand wash. I like  The Bodydeli's Lemongrass  one, it's uplifting and gentle. I follow with Batch  #001 Organic Beeswax Balm , £55, as the best softener for rough hands."

Inside my makeup bag

"My makeup is scattered between handbags and coat pockets; I’m a sucker for trying out all the new things going, but I love a few trusty staples. I always use Josh Rosebrook’s Tinted Nutrient Day Cream (as above) as a base, then I adore Hourglass'  Ambient Lighting Palette , £61, for a one product highlight, bronze and cheek tint. Then I just go for a whack of mascara and a bright lip – either  Kosas Rosewater , £26, for a clean, natural look, or for a bold look it has to be  Lady Danger  by Mac, £17.50."

Lizzie's supplements for children, Lizzie Loves, contains sleep supplement Be Sleepy, stomach calming supplement Be Settled and immune-boosting supplement Be Well, all £7.95. Shop the range