From luxury body cream and scented candles to budget-friendly hair masks and moisturiser, here's everything you'll find in Lucy Meck's shopping basket

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If you’re a fan of  at-home fitness , chances are you’ve come across workouts with Lucy Mecklenburgh, former TOWIE star and now a serious player in the world of online fitness. She started her fitness-streaming platform RWL (which stands for Results, Wellness, Lifestyle) eight years ago after becoming hooked on working out with her personal trainer  Cecelia Harris  and teaming up with her to launch a fitness app for her 1.7million followers. It includes a workout programme to suit all ages and levels, as well as nutrition and food support.

During the pandemic, RWL really came into its own when Lucy's team of trainers began live-streaming workouts on Instagram, with sessions on legs, bums and tums, step classes and boxing, among many others, available for free (normally £19.99 per month).

Lucy, 29, took three months out from training following the birth of her son Roman in March, who she shares with her fiance Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas, but jumped back into fitness with the Results With Bump arm of her fitness empire, which focuses on pre and post-natal exercise. “My biggest accomplishment in life is my son Roman. I love spending time with him. Being a mum has changed my life drastically and I didn’t realise how much I would love it – or what hard work it would be!”

Here she fills us in on how her life has changed since the arrival of Roman, her average day and the beauty she always adds to her basket.

My typical day

"I start the day with Roman getting up around 7am ready for his first breastfeed at 8am. My day pretty much revolves around him. We might go for a visit to soft play or baby sensory, or on a lovely walk to get some fresh air. I plan my day around his naps and feed times so if I have time for an at-home workout I will take 20 minutes out and use RWL. I am currently weaning my son, so I’m spending lots of time in the kitchen making meals from scratch. He loves avocado on toast; it’s really rewarding to watch him enjoying all the new tastes and flavours. While he’s asleep I might have a conference call for work or some content for social media to complete. The day goes very quickly and by Roman’s 7pm bedtime I am shattered!"

My weekend

"Ryan and I like to relax as a family and when we can and make the most of the time off. We often catch up with friends, although this year that hasn’t really been possible! Usually, we make a Sunday roast at home or go to our family."

My beauty routine

"I always drink two litres of water a day as I really believe it hydrates the skin and I can see a big difference in my skin clarity when I do. I also always take my make up off, then cleanse, tone and moisturise. My makeup routine is pretty simple because I am lucky I get professional makeup done so often for shoots but when I am at home I like just a bit of foundation, some mascara and lip gloss."

Wellness from the inside

"Ryan and I like to have one or two vegan days a week and it’s definitely something we are both taking more seriously for the planet. Currently, I am dairy-free as Roman is dairy intolerant and I am breastfeeding so although I am missing a lot of things, it is worth it! If I can get eight hours sleep a night I find I am so much more energised and focused the next day but that isn’t always possible with a small baby. I think sleep in the key to great mental health though and is very underestimated.

"I’m also religious about squeezing in my five portions of fruit and veg a day. I’ve definitely found this harder since having Roman as I don’t have as much time to cook. However, I like to make sure I’m always making nutritious meals which get all my fruit and veg in."

The best tip I’ve ever been given

"Try aiming for 20 to 30 minutes exercise three times a week, but if you are struggling, remember to up your chores. Take the stairs instead of the lift, put the washing out. Clean the bathroom, go for a brisk walk around the block. It all adds up."

My top beauty and wellbeing buys

Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara, £27

This has to be my all-time favourite mascara. I love the wand and how long and separated it makes my lashes look. I normally get a lash lift so this mascara is perfect for keeping them looking curly and full.

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Pregnacare Breast-feeding vitamins, £16.50 for 28 day supply

These work well for me especially whilst breastfeeding to help me get all the nutrients I need, but I believe in eating good wholesome healthy food and gaining as much nutrition from it as you can.

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Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Hair Mask Argan Oil,£3

A hair mask is my Sunday treat. This one smells incredible and is great for keeping on top of any hair damage. I’m actually a little bit sneaky with it; it only takes three minutes to use but I tell Ryan it takes 20 so I get a bit more me-time in the bath. I never used a hair mask before this year, but as salons have been closed and since having Roman, a  hair mask  has become a necessity. It helps with my  post-partum hair health ; I was really suffering with dry, lousy locks after having Roman. The mask smoothed my dry and damaged hair, preventing future breakage.

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Eos Lip Balm, £6.50

I use this daily and never leave the house without one in my bag! They are 95 per cent natural with shea butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil as the key ingredients. The mint flavour is my go-to!

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Gucci Bloom, £54

I love how fresh this fragrance makes me feel and I can easily use it day to night and know it will last me. I’ve been wearing it for the past five years and I haven’t found one that tops it just yet!

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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA, £4.90

I feel like I’ve tried every moisturiser out there but this has to be one of my favourites. It keeps my skin plump and nourished without making it greasy which I sometimes think is hard to find in moisturisers. My makeup artist recommended and I’ve been hooked ever since and it’s also a great price point.

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The Iconic Illuminator Drops, £30

Everyone knows how much I love these, in shade Original. They're one of my desert island must-haves. I use them mixed in with my primer to give me a beautiful glow alongside with popping it on my cheekbones on top of my foundation. I love how this product makes my skin look so radiant and fresh and it also looks beautiful even without foundation.

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Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Souffle Body Creme, £53

This isis my everyday must-have for body cream. I tend to get d ry skin especially during the winter  so this keeps my skin hydrated and smelling like a sweet shop! I am obsessed with this scent and recommend it to everyone.

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Health Aid Zinc Gluconate Tablets, £6.99 for 90

I have one of these vegan  zinc tablets  daily to help me look after my hair and skin. It’s also great as it helps keep support your immune system in these times.

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Neom Candles, from £16

I must have one of these in every room of the house but they really are one of my must-haves! I love how calm these make me feel and the beautiful fragrance they leave in the house. I lit Neom candles all around my baby shower and the scent always brings me back to that special moment of being pregnant with Roman with all my loved ones around me. I enjoy lighting a candle in the evening as I find it really therapeutic and as well as Neom I like lots of different ones from Diptyque to Jo Malone to pretty ones I find in Homesense.

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Lucy is an ambassador for Herbal Essences' Bio Renew range PLEASE HYPERLINJK JUST THE PRODUCT NAME

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