Living between Hong Kong and London, the cashmere designer's must-haves change depending on travel and humidity, but here's the kit that keeps her groomed and well

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"I was born in Hong Kong and have lived there and in London, so I am often on a plane. My main health and beauty 'thing' is keeping skin and body hydrated when I'm travelling and trying to get enough sleep. Once I find a product that works I tend to stick to it - I heard a rumour that you're supposed to change up your products so that you don't get accustomed to them but I never do!

"I'm hopeless with makeup and really don't wear it at all unless I'm going out (not sure how long I can get away with that for!). I have three children (Jake, five, Lily, three, and Edie, one) so I'm pretty tired most of the time. Getting to work often seems like the more chilled part of my life. There's a lot of running around and trying to get everything done so now I tend to lean towards wellness treatments and products as opposed to straight beauty products - I would go for a massage over a manicure any day! I know it sounds simple but I really believe that sleep is the cure for most things and without enough of it we are all doomed. Snoozing aside, here's what keeps me looking and feeling good."

1. Bach Rescue Night Spray, £10.49 - Buy online

"I experienced major insomnia in the last trimester of my first pregnancy. For about two months I slept for about two to three hours a night. You can’t really take anything when you’re pregnant so my friend Alice got me into this spray and it was a complete game changer- I started to sleep properly again! They are a lifesaver for me and I use them all the time as I still wake up in the night. I find now I've had the kids I'm a MUCH lighter sleeper and you can wake up suddenly multiple times during the night for whatever reason. I love that this product is all natural and very effective."

2. Mama Mio Megamama Super-Rich Omega Body Lotion, £24.50 - Buy Online

"I got into this brand when I was pregnant and feeling super vigilant about what I was putting into my system. It's fantastic for dry skin and I’ve never looked back. It’s so moisturising but not at all gloopy or thick - I still swear by it."

3. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, £85 - Buy Online

"This product was given to me by a friend- it’s blue which I think is awesome but mainly I’m very into face oil and this is very good. I have three children under five so it can’t work miracles but it’s the closest thing. I think that it's very hydrating and my skin feels so much softer and plumper when I use this."

4. Lucas Papaw Multipurpose Ointment, £6.95 - Buy Online

"I use this on my face, my body and on cuts and grazes. It's a miracle cream! I put it under my eyes and nose when travelling to ward off plane germs- my amazing maternity nurse showed me that trick on the kids to stop them getting lurgies on the plane and we now religiously apply it before any flight. Our whole family call it 'the red cream' as it seems to be a solution to most ailments."

5. Shu Uemura Haircare -  Buy Online

"Shu Uemura hair products are brilliant. They are sulphate-free which is much better for my hair, and they don't seem to strip off colour or conditioning treatments such as keratin. Hong Kong is SUPER humid so that's why I try and get a keratin treatment (which I would recommend) whenever I can. Each smoothing treatment lasts for about three months."

6. Taking a break from technology

"We all know the facts around this but I think that we forget and get caught in bad habits. Keeping phones, iPads and devices out of the room when you sleep or just popping them onto airplane mode can make a huge difference to how you feel. I charge my phone outside the bedroom to give myself a break. I have just stolen some wireless earphones from my husband and I would suggest that everyone goes and busy these straight away- gone are the days of a hot phone pressed against my ear. The sound is excellent and the phone stays away in your bag."

7. Nutribullet, £59.99 - Buy Online

"How I start the day tends to set the vibe for the rest of it, and I love my Nutri Bullet. Spinach doesn't taste of anything in a smoothie if you have it with a banana so I pack it in with kale and I also use a plant protein powder just to max out the health first thing! I prefer vanilla flavoured Warrior Blend by Sun Warrior, £39.90 ."

8. Tongue Scraper, £4.95 - Buy Online

"My husband got me into tongue scrapers and I am completely obsessed. I now buy them for all my friends. My husband told me that your mouth never feels fully clean unless you use them and I totally agree. Your tongue is a huge window into the wellbeing of your body apparently so we need to keep it clean and happy. On this note, I find if you find you're getting a sore throat a very good preventative measure is four drops of Nature's Answer Oil of Oregano, £18  in a glass of water. It's antimicrobial and also has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral properties, so can help you to stay clear of infections. It tastes really quite horrid but it works in my experience. A friend who had breast cancer who has totally changed her way of looking at health suggested them to me, and whenever I feel like I might be coming down with something I take them."

9. Armani Maestro UV Makeup Primer, £42 - Buy Online

"As I've mentioned, makeup isn't my forte, so the products I use need to be good as I have no skills to apply them. I got hooked on Armani makeup thanks to a friend who always looks flawless and I have to say that even I can't mess it up when I use them! The Maestro primer in particular leaves skin smooth as silk and prepped for foundation."

10. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Age-Repair Serum, £52 - Buy Online

"This entire skincare range is really good, especially the Age-Repair Serum that I put underneath my daily moisturiser. It was when I ran out of the serum that I noticed a change- when I stopped using it my skin was noticeably more dry and patchy. I used to buy it straight from the Sarah Chapman Clinic in London  and go for a facial (amazing) but now I get it from Net-A-Porter in Hong Kong as it's delivered the next day, which is incredible."

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