From bronzers and blow-dries to butt lifts and beyond, we bring you our top five favourite things about Brazilian beauty

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If you thought the World Cup was all about beer bellies and face paint, it’s time to think again. Birthplace of the blow-dry and the Brazilian butt lift, this football season we’re celebrating everything that makes Brazil the unrivalled beauty capital of the world. Listen up ladies, here’s why we love it…

The Look

If samba, sands and sunny skies aren’t enough to turn you green with envy, then Brazil’s ability to produce bronzed beauties with factory-like precision probably is. 21 of the catwalks' hottest names hail from the South American country, with the gorgeous Gisele Bündchen by far the most successful. The Victoria’s Secret supermodel is the highest earning in the business, eclipsing even Kate Moss, and according to Forbes is the most likely of all the bronzed beauties to become a billionaire.

Hot on her tail (or tail feathers, as is the Victoria’s Secret way) are Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. Strutting their stuff on the world’s most exclusive catwalk, both girls rose to fame when Brazilian beauty was discovered in the late 1990s and have modelled in the past for the likes of Vera Wang, Versace, Guess and Armani before becoming staples at Victoria’s Secret.

They’ve made Havaianas  fashionable and have even inspired an ‘ Itsy Bitsy Bikini ’ range, if you’re daring enough to bare it like a Brazilian that is. Brazilian babes aren’t subtle, but they’re a lot of fun. Besides, we have to admire anybody who looks that good in just a feather boa and a thong.

The Bloggers

If there’s one thing we’re thanking the football for this season, it’s bringing our attention to the gem that is Brazilian bloggers. No longer admiring from afar and wondering how on earth they do it, now we get to steal the beauty and style secrets of some of the most gorgeous women on earth, all from the comfort of our own homes.

One blog we’ve taken a particular fancy to is Super Vaidosa , brought to us by the stylish (and stunning) Camila Coelho. A Brazilian beauty living in America, Camila has her finger on the pulse of all things gorgeous and never seems to skip a beat. Her blog is full of trendy round ups, fashion know-how and friendly tips, and with looks like hers, you can bet we’re going to follow every scrap of advice she gives us. She has a hugely popular YouTube channel with videos in both English and Portuguese, and nearly two million followers on Instagram. With all her beauty know-how Camila is fast becoming our new Brazilian best friend; she’s also promising tips for world cup looks, so watch this space!

Another Brazil-based blog we’re crushing on is Blog da Mariah , a fashion and beauty based offering from Mariah Bernades. Based in brazil, she’s up to date with all things current when it comes to her trendy wears and her blog provides inspiration for all who flock there on how to add a South American twist to any outfit. She also covers makeup, and does great tips and tutorials on how to re-create her gorgeous looks.

The Beauty

From the São Paulo suburbs to the rammed streets of Rio, there’s one thing all Brazilian women have in common; when they do beauty, they don’t do it by halves. In 2011, cosmetics sales hit a staggering $43 billion, and a booming beauty industry means Brazil is now the third largest cosmetic market in the world behind Japan and the USA. In fact if you think you spend too much of what you earn on your makeup collection, then don’t fret, because a recent study found that women in Brazil spend 11 times more of their annual income on beauty products than us Brits.

Inspired by a colourful street life and carnival-esque atmosphere, Brazilian beauty is all about being big, bold and bright. Luckily for us, we aren’t the only ones who’ve caught the Brazil bug this season, and big name brands like MAC, Kiehl and Aveda are now going au naturel using native Brazilian plant life to enhance and improve their product ranges.

To get the look, try Clarins Summer Bronzer , £30, for subtle sun-kissed skin. The South American inspired motif whisks your mind away to the beauty capital’s beaches while the palette adds a warm and luminous glow to your skin synonymous with the host nation. Tan-Enhancing Bronzer , £44, by Guerlain is another great way to add a touch of Brazilian beauty to your look this season, and can be used on the face and body giving you all over beach babe appeal.

For eyes vibrant enough to star in their very own Rio carnival, try KIKO’s Brazilian inspired collection entitled ‘ Life in Rio ’. Designed to fit right in with colourful city life, their Creamy Touch Eyeshadow Duo pencils , £9.90, are smudge- and streak-proof and blend seamlessly for a tropical flawless finish. We love Pink and Golden Coral for a touch of girly glamour. Bright, bold lips are also a Brazilian must, and OPI  have a great new range of carnival inspired colours to celebrate the vibrancy of South America for your nails.

The Hair

As the Brazilian look filters out across the globe, it’s not just their cosmetic industry that’s having a massive impact on the way we look. The women of Brazil take haircare more than seriously with the average Brazilian female using four or five products on her hair each morning. Natural curls and heat can result in a toxic combination, so Brazilian women champion hair moisturising masks and salon treatments to keep it under control. Enter the Brazilian blow-dry, the keratin-based treatment that’s fast becoming one of the most popular trends in the world of haircare.

The answer to your frizzy hair-mares, the Brazilian blow-dry uses a combination of formaldehyde and keratin to rid your locks of kinks and curls for up to three months. The treatment involves opening up the hair cuticles, applying a straightening solution then blow-drying or straightening the hair to ‘lock in’ the magic anti-frizz formula. Perfect for taming unruly manes, the treatment makes hair quicker to dry and gives handfuls of added shine.

GTG’s go to guy for Brazilian blow-dries is Zoltan Vargyai . Keratin King, he tailors the treatments he offers to suit the length, type and condition of your hair and is never far from his Covent Garden salon Compton Hair & Beauty styling the locks of some of London’s top beauty editors.

From full on to, well, full frontal; the Brazilian wax is the most daring (and painful) there is. Born through a love of the skimpiest bikini bottoms on earth, the treatment involves removing all traces of hair to leave the nether regions soft, smooth and bang on trend. We recommend the Strip Wax Bar  in Notting Hill, where A-listers like Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham are regulars, for a professional and (relatively) pain free experience.

The Body

With shapely bottoms one of the most recognisable things about the Brazilian figure (for girls and guys), the Brazilian butt-lift is a workout devised by native dancer and fitness trainer Leandro Carvalho  designed to give you a beautiful butt without the Rio genes. Dubbed the Best Fitness Class in New York, his ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ class at Equinox has allowed him to spill his sculpting secrets stateside and become a household name in the world of the Brazilian body beautiful. Fun and effective, it’s the perfect way to get a bum like Bündchen.

Another lesser known body saviour from our Brazilian friends is their body-shaping massage. Designed to boost circulation and get rid of cellulite, it involves long, brisk strokes to sculpt the limbs and flush out bloating. It also remains loyal to the ‘buff not boney’ mantra, and gives you some of the tone and definition Brazilian bodies are so famous for.

Whether it be the butt lift or the blow-dry, we’ve a lot to thank Brazil for when it comes to the way we look. Setting trends and inspiring the industry, Brazil’s new generation centres on it’s people and the care and appreciation they have for themselves - and we love it! As far as football is concerned we won’t be betting on any teams this season, but if it’s queen of the beauty world you’re looking to crown, Brazil has it in the bag.