From stress-relievers to skincare to disguise your eye bags the next day, here are a few self-care strategies to help you stay cool and collected through the vote counting

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You’ve waded through the policies, chosen your party and been to the polls (if not, drop everything and get thee to your local booth). Now there’s nothing for it but to wait. The first results are expected to come in at around 11pm. A nice civilised time no?

Come 3am, however, when a flood of results will make the final election results clearer, you may not be feeling quite so fresh, and nerves could well be frayed. Add the fact that you could have to wait until breakfast for the final result, and midday Friday for straggler seats to come in, and all-in-all it’s fair to say that if you’re feeling fatigued come Friday, you won’t be the only one. Whether you’re planning to stay up to watch the results unfold or are bedding down for a night of what’s likely to be broken sleep (those marginal constituencies really play on the mind), here’s a few ideas to both wile away the hours and keep you as chilled as possible throughout proceedings. After all, you can’t bite your nails if you’re painting them.

Get a brew on

Hands down the most British way to get on with things is to make tea, so while you’re at it give your mug a mug, so to speak.  Fresh Black Tea Overnight Firming Mask , £77, harnesses the power of antioxidant black tea ferment and black tea extract to combat the ravages of the day, while hyaluronic acid  binds moisture to the skin and creates an ‘8 hours kip’ kind of plumpness. Smooth it on as things get started and wash your face as normal once the victor is announced come dawn. Another pot of English Breakfast would probably also be a good move at this point.

Screen saver

Get set for a night in front of a screen, be it a phone, laptop, tablet or TV, and with that in mind, a prolonged period of exposure to supposedly age-accelerating ‘blue light’. The same light that plays havoc with our sleep patterns, known as high energy visible light (HEV) , is thought to be implicated in the damage of epidermal and dermal tissues, leading to pigmentation and premature ageing. Not all skincare experts are in agreement as to the apparent harmful impact of HEV light (although increased pigmentation looks to be the most likely side-effect) but if you’re worried you could try slathering your visage in a HEV light-shielding potion such as Dr Sebagh Supreme Day Cream , £145. Not a small price to pay for peace of mind I know, but an insurance policy of sorts for the tech addicted.

Eye of the storm

Constituencies are declaring their results thick and fast, but you can barely keep your eyes open. Come to with some refreshing under eye patches-  Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks , £47.50 for a pack of six, will refresh your election weary eyes, with a jolt of moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid to combat crepiness. On the other hand, if you can’t bear to look, we have another kind of mask in mind…

Space out

If your eyes (or nerves) are feeling the strain, lie back and think of England/ Scotland/ Northern Ireland/ Wales/ actually none of the above and chill. Pop on a self-warming Spacemask , £15 for five, for 15 minutes to calm your racing mind and lull yourself into a tranquil slumber, even if only temporarily. On opening the sachet packaging your eye mask will heat up gently, melting tension when you apply it, while the jasmine aroma will help to transport you to exotic foreign climes, rather than anxiously watching which way Wirral West goes.

Calm balm

The modern equivalent of smelling salts, keep Therapie Roques O’Neil Inner Light Calm Balm , £38, beside you at all times for a pacifying perfume that cuts through the noise and soothes your senses. Blended to induce tranquility and balance energy, the moisturising balm is a clever fusion of uplifting bergamot, relaxing lavender and grounding vetiver, among other aromatherapeutic gems. Take it to the office with you on Friday if things haven’t gone your way, along with headphones and a strong coffee to get you through.

Roll the stress away

If your budget doesn’t stretch to Calm Balm, destress and save with This Works' Stress Check  roll-on, £17.50. Apply to your pulse points when things get tense.

Burn the candle at both ends

Or rather, light a candle to improve the mood. Given that you’ll be burning it for most of the night, you need something you won't get sick of and that soothes the atmosphere.

We're very taken with Cire Trudon's Gabriel candle , £70. Infused with warm cashmere, cedar and birchwood, plus a dash of candied chestnuts, this beauty captures the feeling of winter afternoons bundled up by a fire. Just what you'll want to recall when things get tense.

It has a burn time of up to 60 hours, so more than long enough to see you through the election.


Giving yourself a manicure is akin to a mindfulness session in our book- it’s hard to fidget or let your thoughts whirr when you’re trying to avoid flooding your cuticles. Cienna Rose's Under The Stars , £9, is a lovely mysterious blue (and in no way relates to any political choices), that will look as great on election day as it will on Christmas morning.

Pack your bags

Okay, not really, but whether or not you’re backing the winner, chances are you’ll have some pretty hefty eye bags going on after last night’s drama. Depuff and regroup with Dermalogica’s aptly named Stress Positive Eye Lift , £53.50. With a frankly enormous tube, it’ll likely last you to our next election/referendum, and the smoothing, cooling and lightweight formula both absorbs in seconds and makes the eye area look instantly brighter and more awake, which let’s face it, is the aim of the game here. I’ve been using for the past few days during which I’ve averaged just over five hours sleep a night, and to be honest I’ve been tempted to cover my face in the algae and hyaluronic acid rich gel masque formula. For this price, you might want to go there, but otherwise it’s a superb foil for no sleep, although do get some rest when this is all over.