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And just like that, August is almost upon us and the hottest of summer months is reflected in what you’ve been buying recently; a seasonal scent, floaty clothes and hair removal cream are all high on the list.

With masks a day-to-day essential you’ve also been stocking up on skincare to prevent the onset of maskne with pimples patches in your virtual basket.

Read on for what GTG readers have been loving this month; excellent taste, we must say.

H&M linen-blend wrap skirt, £19.99

Whether you're staycationing in the UK this summer or heading to sunnier shores, this skirt is a suitcase essential. Created in collaboration with luxury pyjama brand Desmond and Dempsey, it's floaty and airy. We like the navy version, but the terracotta style is equally lovely.

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The Inkey List  Shea Oil Nourishing Treatment, £9.99 and Chea Seed  Curl Defining Hair Treatment, £7.99

The Inkey List's haircare collection  came out of nowhere in June and it seems you were as intrigued by it as we were, with two products from the range in our most purchased list. The Shea Oil helps to hydrate and nourish hair, targeting brittle and damaged strands in particular while the Curl Defining treatment protects, strengthens and enhances all curl types to promote bounciness.

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Garden of Wisdom Vitamin C Serum 23% + Ferulic Acid

, £10 for 30ml

In our article on  the importance of vitamin C  we talked about the power of combining it with ferulic acid to enhance to anti-oxidant powers and you obviously took the advice to heart, with this vitamin C serum flying off the virtual shelves at Victoria Health. It works hard to brighten and even out skin tone and is housed in an opaque bottle to stop the formula from destabilising.

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Tom Ford Orchid Soleil fragrance

, £98.99

Tom Ford's Black Orchid  is a classic evening fragrance and this lighter take on it makes for a sensual yet breezy summer scent that's every bit as alluring as the original. We originally gave it a shout out in our edit of the  best floral fragrances  where it's in very good fragrance company.

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WooWoo hair removal cream, £6.75

With beauty salons closed for most of summer we had to take matters into our own hands when it came to hair removal and this cream was a winner out of the at-home hair removal  we tried. It removes unwanted hair quickly and is especially good for the bikini line, banishing stray hairs in less than ten minutes with no ingrown hairs  when they grow back.

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Veet EasyGrip Ready-To-Use Wax Strips, £5.99

Another hair removal solution  we sang the praises of was Veet's wax strips; while waxing at home is tricky these are far less fuss than a pot of wax that needs to be heated. Formulated with sweet almond oil to soothe the skin, you just warm them with your hands and you're ready to go. More painful than the hair removal cream for sure, but worth a go for longer-lasting results.

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Superior Hair, £28.50 for 90-Capsules

If your locks are looking a little lacklustre they could be in need of a hair supplement ; these capsules are one of the best sellers on Victoria Health; they encourage new hair growth, help stop hair loss, nourish the hair follicles all the while conditioning and strengthening existing hair.

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H&M puffed sleeve dress, £29.99

Puffy sleeves are everywhere at the moment, so it's no surprise this pretty floral-print dress with statement sleeves took your fancy; perfect for booking into your favourite restaurant for the first time in months, this is a summer staple we'll be wearing again and again.

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Smile Makers The Ballerina Vibrator, £160

Vibrator sales shot up when we all went into lockdown and the latest launch from French brand Smile Makers was top of your most-bought list. We don't blame you; of all of the sex toys we tried , we might just love this one the most too. The shape was designed to arouse the three key parts of the female vulva; the top of the tool stimulates the clitoris gland, the body of the tool massages the labia and the lower point delivers vibrations to the vaginal opening. It's fairly expensive, but you can't put a price on pleasure...

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COSRX Pimple Patches, £7 for 24 patches

From July 24 masks are compulsory when out and about and while this is great for protecting ourselves and others, it spells bad news for our skin, as we explained in our feature on maskne and how to adapt your skincare routine when wearing a mask . One thing our experts recommended was wearing pimple patches  to guard any blemishes and these COSRX ones proved most popular in our edit of the best ones.

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Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara 2, £4.99

On the subject of masks, we've been making the most of our eyes since they're the only thing on show, trying out a whole host of volumising mascaras . Of all of the ones we reviewed this budget buy from Barry M piqued your interest the most. We don't blame you; it's lengthening and separates the lashes at a fraction of the price of many others out there.

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H&M frill trim jumpsuit, £24.99

Tie-straps and airy fabric make this a perfect mid-summer buy. For an injection of colour in your wardrobe, it also comes in a pink floral pattern.

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Beauty Bio Glopro Micro-needling Regeneration Tool, £199

After Naomi Campbell revealed she microneedles every day, our article on microneedling  shot up in popularity as did sales of this tool. Designed for home use for one minute every night, it's the size of a razor with a rollerball containing an LED infrared light. The theory is that the combination of stimulation and red light provides a skin rejuvenating effect with results seen in 30 days. Fingers crossed everyone who's purchased is on their way to Naomi's glowing skin.

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