The latest GHD tool promises to add twice as much volume to your hair - va va voom!

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Today sees the launch of GHD's latest styling tool, Rise , £169, a volumising hot brush designed to, you guessed it, add volume to your hair – in fact, it promises to give your hair twice as much volume as normal.

We've come along way from our first ever pair of GHD straighteners back in 2002 which we used to use to make our hair as straight and flat as humanly possible - think Rachel Green in Series 6 of Friends and you've got the idea. Rise was created in response to a global Coty study that showed that 30 per cent of women want their styling tools to deliver volume and body and this nifty tool promises to do just that.

This isn't the first hot brush from GHD; they also sell GHD  Glide  Hot Brush, £139 which launched last year and is a flat brush designed to smooth hair into submission, while round-barrelled Rise is all about adding movement to the hair.

How does it work?

It should be used on dry hair, and the magic is all in the nylon bristles. They may not look particularly special, but a lot of thought has gone into getting them just right; too long and they become tangled in your tresses, too short and they don't grab onto their hair properly. These bristles are thin enough to separate hair fibres and make sure each one gets the attention it needs to create volume, but also strong enough to be able to create volume.

The bristles are also long enough to keep heat away from the head but to make sure that the root is lifted, as this is where volume is achieved.

How do you use the GHD Rise?

Like the hot brushes of yesteryear, you simply comb through your hair from the roots to style. Hold it in place for extra volume on areas you want to give real oomph to, such as the roots for a bouncy blow-dry look, or twist and hold for salon-worthy beach waves.

How hot is the GHD Rise?

As with all GHD tools , this maintains a heat of 185ºC, which is measured 250 times a second to make sure it stays at this temperature. Though it is hot, your hand doesn't come into contact with the barrel (thanks to the bristle) so there's no need to wear a glove when styling.

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