The Gloss Report: 6 shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair reviewed

19 March 2015
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The Gloss Report: 6 shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair reviewed

For those amongst us not blessed with a beautiful natural hue, hair dye can be our best friend and worst enemy. Chemical dyes can leave hair dry and damaged, maintaining vibrance can between salon visits can be tricky and for those of us who embrace the bleach we run the risk of brassy yellow tones. In order to keep our hair happy a good quality shampoo and conditioner is vital.  We’ve tested salon and high street brands alike and the results are in. Click through to find out which your hair needs…

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L’Oreal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Caring Shampoo and Conditioner

Price: Both £3.99

Buy online: Shampoo  & Conditioner

Feedback: “Gorgeously scented, this duo left my hair supremely cleansed and hydrated while also giving my hair colour a dose of extra longevity too.

The star was definitely the conditioner though, which left my not-so-natural locks soft, shiny and noticeably more manageable. At £4 each they’re great value for money, combining a great price tag with great results to secure a spot on my bathroom shelf for the foreseeable future.”

Reviewer: AM

Score: 9/10

3 / 7

Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Shampoo and Conditioner

Price: £23 & £25

Buy online: Shampoo  & Conditioner

Feedback: “The fact that after I’d used this duo my sister asked if I’d had my hair dyed again speaks highly not only of its colour preserving potential, but also its impressive instant effects in terms of shine and vibrancy. Sulfate-free, creamy and mild, both the shampoo and conditioner feel nourishing without being too slippery or oily, and leave hair soft, swishy and somehow brighter. As a twosome this pair is undeniably pricey, but in terms of extending time between salon appointments, keeping hair in good condition and protecting colour without any nasties, they excel in a crowded colour-treating market”

Reviewer: AH

Score: 10/10

4 / 7

Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo & Conditioner

Price: £17 & £20

Buy online: Shampoo  & Conditioner

Feedback: “Having not paid a visit to the salon for far too long (my grown out roots are close to resembling an attempt at a dip dye) my blonde highlights are no longer so fresh and the brassy tones are definitely starting to rear their ugly head. Consequently I was intrigued to try Philip Kingsley’s Pure Silver range which uses violet hues to add shine and counteract those dreaded yellow tones.

Pouring out the bright purple shampoo and conditioner, the colour is at first a shock but the lack of scent is a definite winner in my books. Once my hair was dry it was super shiny and soft and the blonde looked the brightest it had it been in a long time. Packaged in Philip Kingsley's sleek white bottles this is a duo that will be remaining pride of place on my bathroom shelf.”

Reviewer: EB

Score: 10/10

5 / 7

Kerastase Reflection Bain Chroma Captive Colour Radiance Protecting Shampoo and Mask

Price: £14.90 & £24.25

Buy online: Shampoo  &  Mask

Feedback: “I loved this shampoo and mask combo from Kerastase that left my hair feeling super soft and hydrated. I have quite fine hair and found it really gave my locks a  texture a boost leaving my hair feeling fuller and thicker.

Although as a salon brand it works out pricier than your regular high street products it works out excellent value for money as you use a lot less product. Leaving my hair feeling revived, silky and bright plus with a gorgeous smell to match I will definitely be repurchasing this duo.”

Reviewer: SM

Score: 10/10

6 / 7

Aveda Colour Conserve Shampoo & Conditioner

Price: £17.50 & £20.50

Buy online: Shampoo  & Conditioner

Feedback: “Having highlighted my hair for getting on ten years it is fair to say my bleached locks arent in their best condition. Without the right care I find my hair can become dry, damaged and prone to frizz and this Aveda shampoo and conditioner was just what the doctor ordered.

After washing and conditioning my hair with the Colour Conserve it was quickly restored to its former glory and felt hydrated, manageable and even a bit silky. The natural formula meant it caused no problem for my sensitive skin and I even found it helped keep the halo of frizz at bay - full marks!”

Reviewer: EB

Score: 10/10

7 / 7

Tigi Bedhead Colour Godess Oil Infused Shampoo, Conditioner & Mask

Price: £15.95, £12.15, £13.15

Buy online: Shampoo , Conditioner  & Mask

Feedback:“My naturally curly, frizzy hair is not only bleached within an inch of its life, but often subjected to random whims of entirely unnatural colour and, currently, I am sporting a pastel pink tint. The three step Tigi products seemed a perfect match for me, promising to keep my colour looking snazzy and vibrant, whilst simultaneously nourishing it with vitamin E, almond oil, coconut oil, and keratin.

The shampoo foamed nicely, and the mask and conditioner both made my hair ridiculously soft and manageable to comb through whilst wet. Once dry, my hair felt silky but light, unlike most masks which tend to make my hair feel lank. Most exciting of all, the conditioner claims to contain ‘water-repelling agents’. Water being the sworn enemy of frizz, I’m hoping it will help keep my hair tamed whatever the weather. Much of the pink tint survived the wash as well, which is a result. There is, however, one huge downside with this range: the smell. The entire range stinks to high heaven with a sickly sweet, completely artifical caramel scent. Using the thick, creamy mask felt like I was spooning a pudding into my hair, an experience as disconcerting as it is unappetising. Whilst I’ll probably keep using it for the results, the experience is not a pleasant one.”

Reviewer: IB

Score: 5/10