The Gloss Report: Dry Conditioners

17 September 2016
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The Gloss Report: Dry Conditioners

Dry shampoos are a staple in most of our beauty wardrobes, but we've often been left wondering what to do with the ends of our hair when they're left needing a refresh. That's where the dry conditioner comes in. It works in the same way as your beloved dry shampoo, but is intended for ends rather than roots, claiming to leave them soft, silky and touchably smooth.

We've tried, tested and given our honest reviews on the newest instant conditioners to hit the market. From budget to high end, do they really meet up to our expectations? Click through the gallery to see what we really thought...

2 / 7

Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray, £34

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The promise: A weightless silkening spray that leaves hair cashmere-soft, with incredible smoothness and natural shine.

We give it: 6.5/10

Review: “I’m blessed with pretty soft hair at the best of times so I wasn’t too sure how this product would fare for me. I’ve got those locks that struggle to keep any sort of curl, or texture in as any wave just always drops. I always thought I wanted my hair to be less soft, but whenever I would veer away from it I’d always come running back. Dry shampoo has always been a hair saviour, but I’ve often wondered what I am supposed to do with the ends when they need a little refresher. I’m a big Oribe fan, from the quality of their products to the luxurious packaging, they always win in my eyes but where this product is concerned I am left feeling that I want that bit more. A quick spritz when my hair needed revitalizing left my it honestly, a little less soft than it was before - but I think this may just be down to my super soft locks anyway. The one thing I did notice though was the shine - not that greasy look, but that freshly-washed shine I am forever hooked on.

"I loved the shine this spray gave my hair but I felt it was lacking in the ‘silky and cashmere-soft department’ - though that being said, if your hair isn’t as soft as mine it could work like a dream.”

Reviewer: LP

3 / 7

Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Conditioner, £9.55

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The promise: A lightweight spray that revives dull, dry hair by enhancing shine and moisture.

We give it: 7/10

Review: “I love a dry shampoo for either adding volume or making grease disappear on rare days when a hair wash just isn’t possible, but dry conditioner? I wasn’t so sure. I don’t tend to condition my fine, thin hair unless I’ve styled it a lot or used copious amounts of hair spray (guaranteed to cause tangles) but I gave this a try in the hope it wouldn’t weigh my hair down the way liquid conditioners do. Spraying through just the ends of my hair and then combing through, the fragrance was really the main attraction - it’s strong but quite refreshing and given that I don’t put perfume on my sensitive skin, it was a welcome change. My hair was left soft and a little silkier, and it’s definitely lightweight, but I’m not sure it’s a necessary product in my haircare regime. Best suited for those with thicker hair that tangles easily or becomes too dry for a smoother, softer finish.”

Reviewer: JJ

4 / 7

Fudge Dry Conditioner, £7.95

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The promise: “Will blast body and shine into your hair in-between washes, while also reducing flyaways and frizz.”

We give it: 6/10

Review: “If you’ve not had the time or inclination to wash your hair, dry shampoo can be a root saver, but quite what you do with those comparatively crispy and frizzy ends has never been clear. The aim of this dry conditioning spray is to act as an end reviver, and the light coconut fragrance does freshen up lengths, while I could feel a softening of straw like strands courtesy of apricot kernal oil. The feel wasn’t particularly reflected in my hair’s appearance, however. I noticed a slight decrease in frizz and static, but there wasn’t a lot of shine to speak of. This could be down to my slightly aggressive balayage, but still. I think it could work as a texturiser, but for me it didn’t come close to the shimmery, weightless effect of bonafide conditioning (then again, does dry shampoo really compare to washing your hair?)”

Reviewer: AH

5 / 7

Percy & Reed No Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner, £12

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The promise: Gives your hair healthy softness and shine withour the H20.

Rating: 5/10

Review: "I'm not really sure about the concept of dry conditioners. I have to use a conditioner on my hair before I dry it else I end up looking like a Cockapoo, and then I use a serum and probably a bit of blow dry spray or lotion in order to keep the frizzies at bay, so it's a bit of an overload to then use a conditioning spray on top.  I tried it, and I'm not really sure if it made a difference to my hair or not I'm afraid, maybe it made the ends a bit softer. I love Percy&Reed products and think it's a great brand, but find this product unnecessary."

Reviewer: ST

6 / 7

Batiste Instant Conditioner, £3.99

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The promise: A light conditioner that instantly strengthens and restores hair from root to tip, no water needed! Extra care wherever and whenever you need it. Result? Lovingly conditioned and moisturised locks that stay looking sleek and frizz free.

We give it: 6.5/10

Review: “Whether post hair wash or after a few days, pre or post holiday, up or down, dry ends have been a common strand in my summer hairstyles of choice - and unwillingly so. Nothing has seemed to quench my dehydrated locks’ thirst, so imagine my surprise when this dry conditioner actually proved to be pretty useful in the deskside rehydration stakes.

"Certainly delivering on its moisturisation claims, less so on the strengthening ones, it gave my mid-lengths and ends (stay away from roots to avoid slick rather than sleek!) a quick and easy hit of hydration when the humidity threatened to have its way with them. If you have long dry hair, then this one’s for you.”

Reviewer: AM

7 / 7

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Colour Lustre Dry Conditioner, £22

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The promise: 2-in-1 that gently cleanses by absorbing oils and impurities at the roots while moisturising dry lengths and ends.

We give it: 4/10

Review: “I'm going to put it out there right away and probably be the only one who will ever say this but... I am not a fan of dry shampoo. So the thought of a dry conditioner is just lost on me. I have very fine hair and dry shampoo just seems to have the opposite effect for me by making it limp and controversially, a little greasy! I went into this gloss report with a clean slate though, no pre-judgement!

Firstly, this is called a dry cleanser, still weird but we'll give it a go. Designed for those with straight or wavy hair (tick) and those with colour treated hair (tick), it is a 2-in-1 dry shampoo and dry conditioner that gently cleanses by absorbing the oils and impurities at the roots, whilst moisturising the ends. The moisturising aspect works great, the end strands of my hair felt softer and clean. For the roots, I think if you had thicker hair this would be great, but my fine hair just didn't take to it. It became super flat and just looked as though I hadn't bothered washing it (well I hadn't, but this was supposed to counteract that look!) It didn't leave any white spray marks so that's a win, right!?”

Reviewer: SM