The Gloss Report: hairdryer reviews

Ayesha Muttucumaru 16 September 2017

1 / 9

The Gloss Report: hairdryers

Shopping for a hairdryer can prove surprisingly tricky due to the volume of products on the market. Varying in weight, size, sound and most notably, price, does spending more necessarily mean that you’ll end up with a better purchase? Not always. This week, we put a range of hairdryers to the test to see which ones deliver on their claims, provide great value for money and have the potential to help you perfect the art of the at-home blow-dry .

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2 / 9

ghd Aura Hairdryer, £145

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The promise: “Stunningly smooth and shiny results.”

We give it: 9/10

Review: “I’m on a bit of a styling tool detox at the moment due to the fact that too much heat and colour has left my ends more parched than polished. Anything that helps simplify my hair care routine is welcome and this is where this particular hairdryer comes in. I’m looking to embrace my naturally wavy hair more and this pick has helped me do just that. While some hairdryers I’ve tried in the past have been a bit wild in the direction that they blow their hot air in, the Aura’s ‘Laminair’ (great word) technology helps deliver a more concentrated stream - and with its accompanying nozzle, even more so. Quieter than others (although far from silent) and designed so that the outer casing and nozzle remain cool during use, my hair’s left static-free and noticeably smoother after use. Plus, its 4m long cord ensures that inconveniently placed plug points aren’t a problem. Its eye-wateringly high price tag makes it perhaps more befitting birthday than pay day however, in terms of its claims, it delivers.”

Reviewer: AM

3 / 9

Tresemme Power Dryer, £20

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The promise: “Features include ionic conditioning and a ceramic dryer, for sealing in moisture and preventing damage.”

We give it: 7/10

Review: “For a budget-friendly option that dries hair quickly, this Tresemme hairdryer impresses. With two heat settings and and a strong air flow, it definitely reduced my usual drying time and left a smooth tousled finish to my long hair that helped enhance its natural texture. The main drawbacks for me would be its sound (at its highest, it’s pretty deafening) and the fact that its heat setting slider was a little sensitive, meaning it would sometimes move from on to off when my fingers brushed past it. That being said though, it was really lovely and light which kept shoulder strain to a minimum  - a welcome feature. All in all, the pros definitely outweighed the cons, but if noise is a factor for you, it might be wise to look for another one.”

Reviewer: AM

4 / 9

BaByliss Elegance 2100, £40

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The promise: "A 2100W hairdryer that delivers ultimate performance and style. The advanced airflow and heat-balancing ceramic technology leaves hair smooth, whilst the instant frizz-control ionic conditions give hair a shiny, frizz-free finish."

We give it: 9/10

Review: "Anything that claims to smooth my hair and tame frizz is a godsend to my unruly mane, so this offering from BaByliss seemed right up my street. On first impression it was extremely lightweight compared to other hairdryers I’ve tried in the past that tend to leave you with an aching arm after ten or so minutes. I was sceptical about the claim of a ‘frizz-free finish’ though, however am happy to say that my doubt was soon diminished, along with my frizz. My hair was left a lot smoother than usual and appeared to have a bit more of a shine, which is tough on colour treated blonde hair. This is a powerful little tool too; it dried my hair super fast and left me with a lot of volume at the roots, something that you will never find me complaining about! Being a sucker for anything of the copper/rose-gold shade family, this fits in well with my beauty stash aesthetic too. Sitting at the lower end of the spectrum as far as pricing goes, I think it’s definitely worth the money and lives up to its promises. Thumbs up from me!"

Reviewer: ATH

5 / 9

Dyson Supersonic £299

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The promise: "Powerful digital motor, designed for fast drying."

We give it: 8/10

Review: "I’ve heard differing reviews of this machine - one friend told me that it had elevated her home blow dry to salon level and my hairdresser said it was great for everything apart from long hair in search of dried-in curls, which didn’t last. This is possibly due to the fact that the Dyson deliberately doesn’t go above 150C, the temperature found to damage hair irreversibly. This is good news for me, as I’ve suffered breakage around my hairline for a good couple of years and need a hairdryer that’s going to look after me.

"It’s incredibly lightweight and the short nozzle means you don’t need Mr Tickle arm extensions to get the reach you need. I love the fact that it comes with a diffuser (didn’t this used to be standard with hairdryers?). The oval shaped diffuser nozzles help more air flow around the curl than with a standard diffuser, but not directly upwards, thus minimizing frizz and flyaways. On the lowest heat and air strength (the settings advised for diffusing) my chin-length bob dried in just ten minutes (and my face didn’t feel as dry curiously). It comes with a rough dry and a styling nozzle too. For our full Dyson dryer spec review see here. 

"Would I buy it? Absolutely, but at £299 (hence the 8/10) it’s one to save for - £25 a month for a year, since you ask. Doesn’t sound too bad when you put it like that, plus it’s a bonanza of Boots points!"

Reviewer: VW

6 / 9

Hershesons Ionic Professional Hair Dryer, £110

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The promise: “Combines the perfect mix of speed and heat to cut your drying time in half.”

We give it: 8/10

Review: “This is by far the most stylish hair dryer I have ever used. I love the sleek design and it’s refreshing to see a hairdryer with a clean white finish rather than the very predictable black. It totally delivered (in fact, over delivered!) on its promise as it actually dried my hair in a third of the time to my regular hair dryer, which is no mean feat as I have extremely thick hair. It also has a fab long cable so you’re not limited in movement at all. The ions radiate heat inside the hair without drying it out which makes it a great tool for frizz prone hair like mine. My hair was indeed left soft, shiny and sleek with no frizz evident at all.

"I would have given this product a full 10 based on the speed and the results alone, however it’s not the lightest of hair dryers so I wouldn’t recommend it for travel. I also struggled a little getting the nozzle on and off which wasn’t great as the nozzle did get very hot during use. Would I buy it? Yes, despite the small niggles, I absolutely love how much time I am going to save doing my hair from now.’’

Reviewer: KB

7 / 9

Label M Tourmaline Dryer, £47.95

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The promise:  "Achieve the perfect blow dry with this high-performance, stylish salon-quality hairdryer."

We give it: 5/10

Review: "If you like a small and compact hairdryer then this is a great buy. It's not heavy at all and it's powerful for an at-home dryer - a high-performance 2200W motor; it dried my hair super quickly and definitely minimises frizz. My finished result was smooth with no static which is always a bonus for me. It has two heat settings, which is enough for me, but I did find the nozzle attachment got very hot quite quickly - I found the handle getting hot too which isn't great! It looks super chic in its white finish and the anti-slip stripe on the handle is useful and very comfortable to use. I've scored it down purely based on price and style. I think this is a very steep price for what you get back with this hairdryer. I've used better, cheaper ones on the market that give just as polished a blow dry, if not better."

Reviewer: SM

8 / 9

Parlux Advance Light, £99.95

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The promise: “An exceptionally light hairdryer which is also their quietest model yet, designed to halve your blow-dry time”

We give it: 10/10

Review: "This hair dryer looks sleek and small; it could almost be a travel dryer, especially without one of the two nozzles that come with it (one small, one large). In fact, I'd swap my usual travel hairdryer for this in a flash - compact in size (but not so small to be powerless) it's the lightest dryer I've ever used. With one switch for the power level - medium or maximum are your options - which blows cold air, there's an additional switch for the power of the heat, so you can mix up how fierce you want your blow dry in both temperature and force. On maximum power and medium heat my fine hair was dried within a couple of minutes - and with an extra cold button for a final blast it left it smooth as well as straight. It's designed to banish static too - something I get every time my hair is near a dryer, and although I had a little static thanks to that fact I’d used no product, it was definitely reduced compared to usual. Parlux also say it's their quietest model, though I’d say it’s not that different from your average. This doesn’t bother me, though - I really can’t fault it, and though it is expensive, I can see now why it’s worth paying more for a tool you’ll use daily.”

Reviewer: JJ

9 / 9

Mark Hill Salon Professional Hairdryer, £59.99

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The promise: "Create just-walked-out-of-the-salon hair at home"

We give it: 9/10

Review: “I am a huge fan of this hairdryer. From style to function it ticks every box for me. It's £60 so not the cheapest out there but I would definitely recommend for the quality you get. The power is great, it dries my hair in minutes; I have quite fine hair though so it's expected, but my friend who has a mane of thick hair was impressed with the speedy drying time too, so from both sides of hair thickness, I can give it a solid thumbs up. It isn't the most lightweight dryer but I don't mind this as I feel I have more control over it. I also love the digital display for the heat settings - plus the settings are easy to use and are set smoothly in the handle so you don't have any buttons sticking out (one of my annoyances as I like a smooth handle that's easy to hold!). Containing the dryer, a super slim nozzle, diffuser and mini heat protection spray, and with variable heat and speed settings, you can really control the finished look; for me it was shiny, frizz-free hair, one of the best hairdryers I've used.”

Reviewer: SM