With our experts on hand to help, parting need not be such sweet sorrow...

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If you’re looking for super simple way to change up your hair this summer, look no further than where you place your parting.

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to revamp your hairstyle (without a pair of scissors or stylist station in sight), the main question is - should you go straight down the line or off to one side?

We asked Sassoon UK Creative Director Bruce Masefield  which parting suits which face shape best, his styling must-haves plus some great hairstyle how-tos for making the most of your new parting.

“A parting can completely change the dynamic of your face,” says Bruce. Sounds scary, but not to worry, because with these tips in tow, this festival season will see you divide and conquer in the best possible way.


Who suits a centre parting? 'A straight centre parting down the middle narrows the face and works well on oval or heart-shaped faces in particular,' says Bruce.

The look: 'A centre parting will always look chic and cool and instantly freshens up your look. Embrace the seventies hippy vibe this season and wear soft waves with a less defined, dishevelled parting down the middle.'

Top tip: 'Tie back in an effortlessly elegant low ponytail at the nape of the neck to take you from the office to cocktail hour.'


Who suits a side parting? 'A simple side parting will help soften a long face.'

The look: 'A deep side parting has become the new style statement of late; there is something incredibly chic and grown up about it.'

Top tip: 'A side parting can also help create volume where you don’t have any. Try flipping your hair to the opposite side it naturally parts, this will turn the roots inside out and gives you a natural root bounce.'

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'Centre partings have been making a subtle comeback for the past few seasons, hippy to preppy, precise to natural-looking - there's a multitude of ways to wear them for the new season. If the super sleek look is not for you, gently lift the roots with your fingers as you blowdry for a more lived-in finish.'

Get The Look: The super-sleek ponytail

'A ponytail pulled low and neat at the nape of the neck with a centre parting, exudes chic, ladylike elegance,' says Bruce.

STEP 1: 'Think slick, graphic and defined partings. Carefully gather your hair into a sleek, highly-polished ponytail.'

STEP 2: 'Pull a small section of hair out of the ponytail and wrap around the band and secure with a pin for a modern, luxe option.'

STEP 3: 'Use a combination of Sassoon Professional Spray Shine , £15.90 and Motion Hold , £13.35 for definition to create a lustrously shiny look.'

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Get The Look: Smooth, slick and straight

'For effortless style, less is more,' says Bruce.

STEP 1: 'Apply heat protector throughout the lengths of the hair, then dry smooth with a hairdryer - a large paddle brush will ensure a sleek finish.'

STEP 2: 'Create a straight centre parting with a pintail comb and straighten the lengths of the hair with a hair straightener.'

STEP 3: 'Rub a pea-sized amount of Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish, £19.40along your fingers before using them to smooth partings and tuck hair behind your ear for a nostalgic, yet perfectly on-trend 90's feel.'

Get The Gloss also loves...  Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil , £6.99 to give damp hair a quick slick of smooth sleekness before a blowdry.


'Worn by Cara Delevingne with tumbling waves, super sleek by Kim Kardashian and more natural and less precise by Kristen Stewart, whether it’s down, up or pinned back, hair's main red carpet accessory at the Met Ball  this year was the side sweep and it’s here to stay,' says Bruce.

Get The Look: Glossy side-swept waves

'The extreme side-parting should be clean and very straight.'

STEP 1: 'Use a pintail comb and start your parting from the highest point of your brow. This will give a strong dramatic edge to your look in seconds.'

STEP 2: 'Blowdry the hair in the direction you want the hair to lie. Lift hair up at the roots as you blowdry to add more volume.'

STEP 3: 'Using curling tongs or a styling wand, take small sections of hair starting on the side of the head that you wish the hair to fall. Roll each curl up and pin into place, then leave to cool which will set the curl.'

STEP 4: 'Once you’ve curled all of your hair and left it to cool for 15 minutes, unpin each section starting at the front.'

STEP 5: 'Finally run your hands through the curls and hold in place with a hairspray such as Sassoon Professional Motion Hold. Apply a styling serum such as Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish to slick down the area just above the ear at the side of the low parting.'

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