In the last of our series with Sassoon's Bruce Masefield, here's how to perfect the art of a dramatic side parting

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Whilst the centre parting  evokes youthfulness, a deep side parting can spell all-out, grown-up glamour. Reminiscent of Hollywood screen sirens such as Veronica Lake, here Bruce Masefield , Creative Director at Sassoon  has brought the look well into 2014 through use of texture. Whilst in the forties hair may have been about lacquer and hold, today it is all about softness.

It’s important however, explains Bruce , to get the parting in the right place. “If the parting is too low it starts to look retro, too high and it starts to lose the chicness and drama.”


Step1: “For the perfect side sweep,” says Bruce , "part the hair, lining it up with the far edge of your eyebrow and using a paddle brush, and firmly brush the hair from the crown down onto the other side. This will ensure your hair lies flat in the desired direction. Blow-dry smooth and dry the side the parting is on back and away from the face.”

Step 2: “Once dry, use a styling wand or a curling tong, and taking small sections at a time, start to curl the hair on the side of the head you wish to fall.”

Step 3: "Roll each curl up and pin into place before leaving to cool. This will set the curl,” says Bruce.

Step 4: “Once you’ve curled all your hair and left it to cool for 15 minutes, unpin each section, starting at the front.”

Step 5: "Finally, run your hands through the curls and spray with a hairspray such as Sassoon Professional Edit Finish .”

Step 6: Apply a styling serum such as Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish  to slick down the area above the exposed ear.

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Photographs by Billie Scheepers

Styled by Susannah Taylor

Make-up by Caroline Barnes

Model: Mikaela at Union