Sassoon's Creative Director Bruce Masefield shows us how the centre parting went from geek to super chic

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This season on the a/w catwalks, more designers than not sent their models down the catwalks with a centre parting. Once the reserve of hippies and geeks, the look is back big time, whether its worn sexy and shaggy a la Brigitte Bardot or sleek and chic as shown here.

According to Bruce Masefield , Creative Director at Sassoon  who created the look on this shoot, the centre parting has the ability to evoke youthfulness, "There is a nostalgia to it," he says, but whilst it's very on-trend and minimalist for autumn/ winter, the look may not suit everyone. "It works well on an oval or heart-shaped face," Bruce says, "Round or long faces can wear it too but it may work better slightly off-centre. The great thing about the centre parting is that it always freshens up the face."

The key to this minimal look is in creating an immaculately straight line. "The perfect centre parting is easily achieved on freshly washed hair ," says Bruce (no greasy hair allowed ladies - we're talking smooth not stringy). "If your hair is prone to frizz, apply  Sassoon Professional's Halo Hydrate leave-in conditioner  and while the hair is still wet, take a tail comb and draw a straight line form the front hairline to the back. Making sure there are no strays, blowdry each side of the hair with the nozzel pointing downwards."

How to Get the Look by Bruce Masefield

Step 1: Create a centre parting with a pin tail comb - draw a straight line from the front hair line to the back (see above)

Step 2: Apply a heat protector such as Sassoon Professional Heat Shape  throughout the lengths of the hair, and dry smooth with a hairdryer using a paddle brush to ensure a really sleek finish

Step 3: Straighten the lengths of the hair with hair straighteners for maximum shine and polish

Step 4: Rub a pea-sized amount of serum between fingers such as  Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish , before smoothing over your hair and tucking behind ears.

Step 5: Carefully gather your hair into a sleek ponytail and tie with an invisible band at the nape of the neck

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Photographs by Billie Scheepers

Styled by  Susannah Taylor

Make-up by  Caroline Barnes

Model: Mikaela at Union

Top from Victoria Beckham at