In the first of our series, we look at why we love the no parting parting and how to do it

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Altering your hair parting can change your look in one easy swoop. The first in our series of four different looks with Bruce Masefield , Creative Director of Sassoon , we take a look at the 'no parting parting' and how to master the style at home.

The No Parting Parting

“A parting can completely change the dynamic of your face,” says Bruce Masefield  who created looks for this story. “The no parting parting is a ‘suits all’ look which enables you to create a subtle break in the hair without being too definite. The look is timeless and looks effortless. It’s less about bed-head and more about soft, chic hair. Hair should have a beautiful texture and a dishevelled finish, but shouldn’t feel over-styled."

It’s a look that looks best when working with hair’s natural texture. “Think Laid-back, lived-in, undone,” says Bruce.

In creating this look it’s important not to overwork the hair – creating an obvious zig zag parting for example can look forced and unnatural. Bruce  explains, “Don’t overthink this look, work with your natural parting  - gently lift the roots with your fingers as you blow dry for a more lived-in finish. Fingers are the best tools here to rub and tease the hair."

Don’t try and perfect the look, however. "The undoneness is what makes it sexy,” says Bruce. ‘Remember that wrong can be right!”

How to get the look by Bruce Masefield:

Step 1: Blow dry hair smooth, and brush hair back before letting it fall into a natural divide. Do not perfect the line.

Step 2: Use a wide-barrel curling iron or styling wand, take 1-inch pieces of hair and wrap around the barrel. Release the curl after about 5-10 seconds.

Step 3: Let the curls cool; playing with the curls when they are warm will just make them drop.

Step 4: Separate the curls using your fingers, pulling gently down to give an effortless and dishevelled finish.

Step 5: Spritz your hands with a sea salt or dry shampoo, such as a Sebastian Drynamic  and rub down the mid-lengths and ends to enhance teased textures which will fall elegantly down around the face

Photographs by Billie Scheepers

Styled by  Susannah Taylor

Makeup by  Caroline Barnes

Model: Mikaela at Union

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