The holiday beauty stashes of 8 key influencers

1 August 2014
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The holiday beauty stashes of 8 key influencers

What would the beauty experts refuse to leave the country without? Ayesha Muttucumaru takes a peek into the makeup bags of some of the most respected names in the business to see what they’ll be packing in their suitcases this summer.

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Calgary Avansino: Contributing Editor, Vogue and Wellness Expert

Throughout the year I use Ilia’s fabulous lipsticks , £22, which offer stunning colours without any nasty chemicals, and this summer I have been using their new Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 (£35, available from  from the 15th of September) which gives you perfect glowing coverage and sun protection.

I never board a flight without  Pukka Clean Greens sachets , from £1.19, which I can add into water at any time to give myself a boost of greens, energy and hydration.

I religiously use a variety of oils to keep my skin hydrated throughout the summer. Whether on planes or just out in the elements, it is really important that I apply and reapply good quality oils or my skin quickly gets parched. A few of my favourites are:  de Mamiel Summer Facial Oil , £65,  RMS Beauty Oil , £60 and  Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil , £20.

I’m crazy about Zoya’s fabulous nail varnish colours without any of the toxic chemicals usually found in your favourite colours. I’ve got a poppy orange colour called  Rocha , £10.50 on my toes right now and it looks perfect with any pair of sandals.

Who wants to fuss over their hair during the summer months? I certainly don’t so I always keep  Lulu Organic’s Aromatherapy Hair Powders , £20, close to hand to help keep my hair looking fresh and full of body even if it hasn’t been looked after in a while.

Josh Wood turned me on to this amazing hair treatment,  Rahua’s Omega 9 Hair Mask , £48 and now I can’t imagine spending the summer without it. I apply it twice a week, leave it in for as long as possible and my hair loves me for it.


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Alessandra Steinherr: Beauty Director at GLAMOUR Magazine

From a skin perspective, I love Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail H20 Omega , £24. I just put it into the palm of my hand and press it into my skin. It’s nourishing and hydrating enough for daytime, but doesn’t feel sticky and leaves your face with an incredible glow. It’s really amazing, especially when you’re on a plane as it’s great for combatting the effects of air conditioning. It’s always in my handbag, plus it’s not too expensive either.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup in the summer because it’s too hot. However, I really love the new  Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balms , £19 as I think they have a beautiful colour and find that they give me a little freshness in my skin. They’re really handy, I love that.

I love the new Brow Artist Plumper Mascara from L’Oréal Paris (out in October). It’s a mini mascara for brows and one of those things that’s great for when you want to wear less colour and makeup on your face. Defining your brows makes you look more put together. Pencils and powder can be too strong and there’s nothing worse than when they look drawn in. This however darkens your brows naturally like a tint.

I love Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Confident, £25 (launches on the 15th of August) because it’s just a little bit deeper than my natural lip colour and is the most perfect kind of pinky brown plum colour that I swear by. Every time I wear it, everyone asks what it is and because it’s a balm, it’s great for summer and you don’t need a mirror to apply it either.

The best sunscreen is  Heliocare SPF 50 , £25. It’s a gel and great for the face as it isn’t sticky so you can wear makeup on top of it too.


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Millie Kendall MBE: co-founder of BEAUTYMart

Seekers of Sun Hera Temporary Tattoos , £9.99. These are golden and silvery metallic body tattoos of chain links and Egyptian-style patterns that you can use to create jewellery designs for the ankle, wrist, neck and other parts of the body. Because they're metallic, they look brilliant in the sun and will even survive a swim in the sea.

Mai Couture Glow Geous Trio. , £16.50. These are brilliant for holidays, just small sheets of paper in a mini booklet, impregnated with powder bronzer, highlighter and blush. Just swipe and go!

Fairydrops Waterproof Mascara , £18.50.Like a push-up bra for lashes, this lifts and separates but more importantly, won't run down your face after a dip in the pool.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Tinted Face Comfort Tinted Cream SPF50 , £11.25.I wear this in place of foundation as my skin has a tendency to get dark patches in the sun. It feels light, non-greasy and gives the skin a bit of a glow too.

RMS Beauty Cream Eyeshadow in Solar , £19. A sheer metallic mineral wash that feels light on the skin. You can also use it as a highlighter and for lips.


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Liz Earle MBE: Founder of Liz Earle Beauty Co

These warming rays of the sun are wonderful but we need to be mindful of our skin. Sunbathing and swimming are both very drying, so I always switch to a richer body moisturiser during warmer months. My absolute favourite is Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream , £29.50 made with the maximum 25% of plant oils to deeply nourish and replenish parched skin.

We also need to strike a sensible balance over sun exposure, ensuring we receive sufficient amounts of the sun’s rays to create vitamin D for healthy bones, while at the same time being careful to protect ourselves from sunburn and ageing skin damage. Reapply your favourite SPF frequently, especially after swimming, and treat sun-kissed skin to some soothing hydration with  Liz Earle Botanical After Sun Gel , £13.50, deliciously rich in cooling organic aloe vera at the end of each day.

Another holiday essential is a tin of Floris fine talcum powder , £19 - a traditional beauty essential for keeping skin cool and dry in the heat. I especially like the light lemony Cefiro scented talc for the summer.

You’ll also always find a tiny bottle of pure lavender essential oil in my bag, it’s just so incredibly versatile. If I overdo it in the sun, I mix a few drops into a palmful of moisturiser and apply to scorched skin – it is amazingly soothing and regenerative. Tisserand is one of my favourite brands for PURE essential oils.

When it comes to makeup,  Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF 15 , £21 is perfect for when the sun is shining as it gives skin a radiant summer glow while naturally protecting it with a mineral SPF. Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colours have also been a revelation for me – I travel a lot and so I especially love the fact the formulations last so well. I like to wear  Parade , £7.50 a stunning candy pink shade on my toes. Even after three weeks it still looks glossy and chip-free.

Finally, don’t forget that we lose a lot more water when it’s warm, so I always up my intake of water during the summer months. This is especially important if you’re flying off on holiday, as cabin air-pressure is so dehydrating. Aim for 2-3 litres sipped slowly throughout the day, as this is more effective and rehydrating than one long glug!

Safe travels and have a wonderful summer holiday.


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Caroline Barnes: Max Factor makeup artist

Summer makeup needs to stay put and not budge or melt in the heat, with humidity pumping out, these are the products that I love to use.

I don't like the feel of layering up too many products on my skin so I prefer to use a tinted moisturiser with a high factor. My favourite, if only for the gentle cooling effect it has on my skin on application is  Laura Mercier , £33.50, which provides great coverage and high protection.

Waterproof mascara is a must. It's only laziness that prevents us changing from our regular one, as we can't be bothered to use an extra remover. But I prefer not to have smudgy dark eyes by midday.  Max Factor Clump Defy in Waterproof , £10.99 has the best brush to deliver full thick lashes from the base, ending with natural feathery tips.

I love the look of bright painted nails on holiday. Colourful fingertips submerged in a turquoise pool gives me heaps of satisfaction.  Gel Shine Lacquer by Max Factor , £6.99 will give you the glossiest nails and is extra long wear compared to a normal nail varnish. I never tire of a red nail and Patent Poppy is beautiful.

Illamasqua's matte lipsticks , £18.50 are the best. They have the perfect balance between pigment and moisture. The beauty of a matte lip in the sunshine is that it doesn't melt like a gloss or lipstick would, the colour just stays put. I tend to clash my lips with my nails so my poolside colour choice would be Immodest.

On balmy evenings you don't want to be fiddling around with brushes and eyeshadows. The extra hydrating creams you put on your skin makes everything slightly more damp, so blending is a nightmare. Eye crayons are just a brilliant, simple way to add colour to your eyes. Simply blend the edges with your finger and add lashings of mascara. I'm currently using  Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Dark Pearl , £19.

£19.  Buy online .


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Anna-Marie Solowij: co-founder of BeautyMART

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SPF15 in No.50 , £39. I use this instead of foundation which always feels too much on holiday on top of sunscreen. I use this as a bronzer, highlighter and contour powder and in place of eyeshadow.

Bourjois Kohl Kajal,  £7. I dye my lashes before I travel to avoid having to wear mascara but would never be without some sort of eyeliner for definition, and eye protection from the sun. Bourjois Kohl Kajal is perfect for the wet line but you can also create a great smokey eye with it as it blends brilliantly.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher in Trip,  £15.50.I love a pop of bright colour against tanned skin and Daniel's fluoro orange liquid blusher does the trick. It also doubles up as a lip tint under balm.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Brow Lift Duo , £19. Essential for holiday brow definition when the sun can tend to lighten brows. This double-ended pencil has a dark shade for shaping and filling and a highlighter for the brow bone area. And once applied, it doesn't come off until you remove it. It's sea, pool and sweat-proof.

Burberry Lip Glow Balm in Orange Poppy , £23. Lip condition (lavender, rosehip and tea extracts) and sheer colour in one. This Poppy shade really brightens the complexion and enhances a tan.


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Susannah Taylor: Editor-in-Chief of Get The Gloss

I am remarkably pale without my beloved self-tan, and there’s no way I’ll bare my bod in a bikini without it on holiday. Usually I have a self-tan before I go, (I make sure they don’t take me too dark), but generally I visit the Josh Wood Atelier for a James Read tan  which is a really believable smooth colour.

Sometimes however if you have a pool with chlorine it can all come off after a day or so (nightmare!), so I make sure I go with a back-up to stop me looking lily white. One of my faves is  St Tropez Gradual Tan in Dark , £14.30 which takes the edge off the pastiest limbs. Next stop is stashing up on sun cream. One of my favourites is  Clarins Sun Care Cream High protection UVA/UVB SPF 30 , £19 which for me is the smell of summer, plus  Sisley's Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30 for the face , £100. I also love their  Super Stick Solaire SPF 30 , £69.50 which is slightly tinted so smoothes skin and is great for using around the eyes without making them water, (which some sun creams can do).

I’m never without  Clarins Double Fix Mascara , £20 which is a clear gel you apply over the top of your mascara and it totally waterproofs it. For day and night easy glamour, I’ll always now have a tinted balm such as a  Clinique Chubby Stick in say Mega Melon , £17 or  Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine sticks , £25 (I have them in loads of colours) - they add a hint of gloss without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

For evenings, a palette is a great idea such as the  Bobbi Brown Sand Eye Palette , £48 which contains lots of sandy and sparkly shades. Finally, I will never be without a lick of bright nail varnish – I’m passionate about coral colours and always have been. This year my fave is  Michael Kors Nail Lacquer in Audition , £15.50, a beautiful coral.


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Anita Bhagwandas: Beauty and Health Editor at Women’s Health

Ahh holidays. I’m either the worst, or the best person to give holiday makeup tips because frankly, as soon as I hit the airport, it’s makeup off until I returnMy best tip? If you can avoid wearing anything on the plane apart from moisturisers/lip/balm/eyecream then do it – anything else is just pore-cloggery waiting to happen.

Though I’m pretty au naturel on hols, there are a couple of beauty buys that always come with me…

I’m not a huge fan of foundation on holiday, I do think your skin needs to breathe, so I use a little concealer (try  Amazing Cosmetics Concealer , £19.50, massive game-changer) where it’s needed and go fresh-faced. When I say fresh-faced I mean covered in  La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid For Face , £16.50 by the way. SPF is non-negotiable.

Next up, you need a no-stress cheek/lip balm that can be reapplied without you looking like the Bride of Chucky meets Malibu Barbie. I use  Edward Bess Compact Rouge in Island Rose , £30. It pretty much suits EVERYONE, the darkest and lightest skins included, and I also use it on my lids for a little natural sheen. Use an SPF lip balm during the day too ( Mr Zogs Sex Wax Lip Balm SPF 23 , £3.50 is my long-time go-to). I also daub this lip balm on any pigmentation I’m extra worried about – just as extra SPF protection during the day. Did I mention that I’m borderline OCD about SPF?

Doing your brows on hols is a bona fide ball ache of the most epic kind. Sack it off - life is too short, and there are cocktails to be sipped - use  Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium Deep , £17.50. It’s easy to use and unlike other brow gels, departs fibres into the brows to thicken them and add colour. Genius stuff.

Finally I'd go for a slick of creamy waterproof eyeliner like  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil , £18 and a single coat of mascara. Truthfully, I never wear waterproof mascara – it’s too much hassle (you’re also probably picking up how lazy I am on holiday!) so my regular  Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam , £6.99 stays with me.

My best tip when you reach your destination is to immediately pick up a tiny bottle of the local oil. It works as a deep conditioning hair treatment (it also protects your hair and colour from chlorine if applied before you swim), makeup remover, hair mask and body moisturiser. Basically – it does everything. Olive oil works perfectly, but if you’re further afield try argan (Morocco), jasmine or coconut (India) and kukui (Hawaii).