Lauren Bacall's most iconic beauty looks

13 August 2014
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The Best Iconic Beauty Looks of Lauren Bacall

With Hollywood bidding her a fond farewell yesterday, we celebrate the life and iconic beauty looks of cinematic legend Lauren Bacall.

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Sultry in Satin

With a Hollywood career spanning seven decades, it’s no wonder Lauren Bacall has made such an impact in the beauty hall of fame. Well known for her husky voice and sultry stare, the cinematic icon was queen of a full lip and a good, strong brow. Big hair, well-defined eyes and lashings of red lippy accompanied almost every look, and secured Ms Bacall’s place in the book of the best iconic beauty looks of all time.

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To Have and Have Not

At the tender age of 19, Lauren made her debut apperance on-screen alongside future husband, Humphrey Bogart, in the 1944 hit To Have and Have Not. The model took Hollywood by storm with ‘the look’ - heavy brows, side-parted blonde waves and a delicate yet defined bone structure. Her ‘chin down eyes up’ pose showcased her flawless skin and strong stare, and soon became a Bacall signature, endearing her to eligible young gentlemen everywhere.

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How to Marry a Millionaire

Starring alongside the iconic Marilyn Monroe, in 1953 Lauren Bacall went fit, fun and flirty for the filming of How to Marry a Millionaire. A mirror image of blonde-bombshell Monroe, Bacall sported a deep side-parting and a whole lot of brunette bounce for the role. Fun and feminine, her dresses mirrored the lighthearted feel of the cinematic comedy, and the natural, uncontrived look she favoured off-screen shone through in spite of the glamorous trappings of Hollywood.

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The Mirror Has Two Faces

In 1996, Bacall’s role in The Mirror Has Two Faces showcased to the world the effortless wearability of her signature look. Still with red lips and large waves, Lauren went two-toned with her hair colour, opting for a darker shade underneath for a more sophisticated take on her classic blonde 'do. Her role in the film won her a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination, along with a place in the nation’s heart as one of the most elegant on and off-screen beauty icons of all time.

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A Timeless Classic

Despite an ever-changing career which evolved and grew throughout her life, Bacall’s look remained beautifully constant. Her signature look shone through on screen and stage, never once wavering under the harsh glare of the Hollywood spotlight. Unlike the starlets of today, whose hairstyles change faster than you can say ‘balayage’, Lauren Bacall had the confidence, poise and natural beauty required to commit to one, signature look, and stick to it. A true testament to the timeless beauty, Lauren Bacall, we salute you.