A little bit punk, a lot gutsy and most definitely high maintenance: do you dare to wear a micro fringe?

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It’s not often that fashion and style model themselves around the image of a patron saint and 15th century French war heroine, but AW15 saw a number of disheveled, fearlessly short fringes that were more reminiscent of Joan of Arc grit than sweet and innocent Mia Farrow grace. From Asish to Rag and Bone to Gareth Pugh, the brief was more Edward Scissorhands than Audrey Hepburn, and models instantly took on an air of the devil-may-care. Given that ‘bangs’ have blown up somewhat of late, as showcased by the Duchess of Cambridge, Suki Waterhouse and of course the ‘face’ of the fringe, Alexa Chung (kudos also to Zooey Deschanel of course), this is without doubt the most anarchic, ‘out there’ way to wear one.

There’s definitely a Gallic penchant for the mini fringe; Lea Seydoux, Audrey Tautou and Marion Cotillard have all embraced its youthful yet rebellious edge. Beyoncé has flirted with ‘baby bangs’, and Lady Gaga is also a lover, as she normally is of anything quirky and offbeat. Not surprisingly, the micro fringe usually doesn’t have the longest of lifespans, on account of the fact that it needs trimming about every two minutes (speaking as a committed ‘fringe’ I know the struggle), and also likely because it’s guaranteed to misbehave in high winds, rain, humidity and during times of exertion. Frequent washing and dry shampoo will become firm staples of any small fringe ritual (try nimble and suitably petite sized Swell Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo , £20), and a pair of mini straightners won’t go amiss either. For your efforts, a ‘shortie’ will open up your face, show off your eyebrow game and make you look both younger and artsy in a chic European way. We dare you.

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