Signature scent Byredo Gypsy Water has been made into a hair perfume and we've never been more excited

While here in GTG HQ we’re barmy about everything health and beauty based, there’s only ever a few lotions and potions that are able to truly excite and amaze us; a fake tan that lasts two weeks, the perfect pair of curling tongs and now, one of our favourite all-time perfumes transformed into a heavenly hair spritzing formula.

Having already created a range of evocative and elegant scents, luxury company Byredo has recently expanded their olfactory authority to provide consumers with more innovative ways to apply them - a range of new chic and compact hair perfumes. And while three different scents are available, it is their signature scent ‘Gypsy Water’ that has particularly caught our attention.

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Combining the original fresh and woody scent with a unique silicone and polymer formula, this fragrance creates a light, invisible veil that’s designed to leave hair nourished and luminous, while also smelling divine. The best part though is that with hair holding onto scent twice as long as skin, a spritz of this beautiful bohemian perfume in the morning will last until well after the sun has gone down.

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Magical and mystical, this nomad-esque hair scent is a bit of a dream come true - indeed never have our hair swooshes been so utterly mesmerizing.

Byredo Gypsy Water Hair Perfume, £37,  buy online

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