Anna Hunter discovers the 100% organic hair products that can change lives - and bad hair days

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So, you’ve gone gluten-free, upped your omega intake and only buy organic. You’re a nutritionist’s dream, but have you applied such wholesome principles to your haircare? Chances are you haven’t, but it’s time we treated our barnets like a temple, as well as our bodies.

Here to detox our dressing tables is a fair-trade, 100% organic haircare line that harnesses ancient wisdom and the power of nature to deliver the crowning glories we all truly deserve. Think that this all sounds too good to be true? We admit you’ll have to invest a bit and learn to forgo the oh-so-satisfying shampoo lather, but I can personally testify that it’s worth it. Amazon Beauty’s Rahua  hair collection had me at hello, and it’s safe to say that there is unlikely to be a farewell, unless my bank manager gets involved.

Founded by New York stylist and colourist Fabian Lliguin with wife Anna Ayers, Rahua is so-called due to its magic principal ingredient; Rahua oil. Known to the Quechua-Shuar tribes for centuries, Rahua oil is sourced from Rahua nut trees that grow deep in the Amazon rainforest. The preparation process takes up to a month, and traditionally only women are allowed to prepare and cook the flesh of the nut. Each family has its own recipe, and the women producing the oil must fast for a day prior to production.

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What sets Rahua apart, in addition to its rarity and painstaking production process, is its molecular structure; instead of simply coating strands it deeply penetrates the hair to smooth and repair. Free from parabens, alcohol, sulphates and silicone, Rahua products are not only saintly from an ingredients point of view but also incredibly kind to hair. Whether you’ve hit the bleach bottle or are trying to grow your mane, Rahua keeps hair and scalp in tip-top condition, increasing elasticity and generally transforming hair into a polished picture of health. The line is also perfect for sensitive types, babies and the man in your life (but you might want to keep it on a high shelf or locked in a cupboard owing to its miraculous properties and wince-inducing price tag).

Kiran Branch and I gave the new Omega 9 Pro Hair Treatment a whirl at Harrod’s Urban Retreat and have not been so impressed by the results of a hair treatment in a long while. I haven’t needed to wash my hair for three days straight (it still smells minty fresh) and even Kiran’s dad admired her extra glossy lengths. The collection is so pure that some of the range is indeed edible, and Gwyneth Paltrow is on board, which is practically the only seal of approval we need.

As ritualistic as it is beautifying, this oil really is a labour of love, and Fabian and Anna intend to keep it this way. The communities producing Rahua oil are protected economically, culturally and ecologically thanks to a collaboration between Fabian’s not-for-profit organisation Ecoagents and Amazon Beauty. Whilst this may contribute to a dear price tag, a little really does go a long way, and the additional spend is worth it when you consider that your money ensures that Ecuadorian families receive a fair wage and the rainforest in which they live and work is protected. After the first wash, you’ll feel like a new woman.

Rahua Omega Pro 9 Treatment is now available at Harrod’s Urban Retreat, £30, and Rahua products are available at  Urban Retreat's online boutique .