Forget cutesy miniatures - these are the mega sized skin, hair and body products to make room for on your bathroom shelf (failing that, put up a new one). Here’s what we’re maxing out on

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For a while miniature beauty products  reigned supreme but cute as they might be, they just don't sit well with our sustainability values. Enter supersized beauty products - they last longer than regular sized ones meaning you need to buy less, resulting in less plastic - every little helps when it comes to plastic usage!

Here’s our jumbo beauty top ten…

Boucleme Intensive Moisture Treatment, £40 for 1 litre

Any curly girls out there will know it takes a vat of conditioner to get through the tangles that come out of nowhere, so a super-sized moisture treatment is always a godsend. This marula oil infused cream can be used pre-shampoo, as a deep conditioning mask or as a leave-in conditioner - or all three if you like, seeing as you have a litre of the stuff!

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Sol de Janeiro Biggie Biggie Bum Bum Cream, £72 for 500ml

If you’re yet to smell this stuff you’re in for a treat, quite literally - the unique pistachio caramel scent garners positive comments from all around whenever I wear it and this supersized tub means I can slather myself in it all the more generously. It’s rich yet quick to absorb, has a slight golden shimmer to it and is loaded with circulation stimulating guaraná, a Brazilian plant that contains five times as much caffeine  as coffee. If you’re in need of a swanky winter body lotion to bring dry limbs back from the brink, it’s a goer, and this half litre serving ensures you don’t have to limit its use to your bum.

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Philip Kingsley Mayan Vanilla and Orange Blossom Elasticizer, £61.92 for 1 litre on QVC UK

This revamped scent of Philip Kingsley's ever popular strengthening pre-shampoo treatment will make your shower feel summer-y and last you until the warmer months too - over 1,500 litres of this were sold on QVC UK  within just 24 hours of launching! As the name implies it aims to restore hair’s elasticity and resilience while also conditioning and softening hair from the get-go - any treatments applied afterwards will be ever more effective. Leave the vanilla and orange blossom cream to absorb for at least ten minutes pre-wash, or overnight if you’re in a tress SOS situation, and it’ll smooth and strengthen the hair cuticle while making hair look and feel healthier the more you use it. Which can be loads given that you’ve got a litre of it on tap.

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Aurelia Supersize Miracle Cleanser, £65 for 240ml

This gentle probiotic  cleanser is ideal as a softening second cleanse at the end of the day, whisked away with a flannel or muslin cloth to leave skin clean and balanced. This bottled take on the regular size is actually preferable to the original jar container from a hygiene POV and the pump means you shouldn’t use more than you need. An extensive blend of bioorganic plant oils help to melt away dirt, makeup and pollutants without strippiing skin, although the essential oils  could prove inflammatory for sensitive skin so patch test if that’s you. Otherwise, you’re making a £14 saving by going XL, so lap it up.

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Emma Hardie Supersize Moringa Cleansing Balm, £68 for 200ml

It’s certainly not cheap, but you only need a smidge of this hydrating, vitamin rich cleanser to emulsify makeup and grime and it doubles up as a moisturising mask when left on for ten minutes or so. Antioxidant moringa seed oil is the main player but you’ll detect orange, jasmine, mandarin and rose extracts in the distinctive fragrance - again, test it before you try it on your face if you have reactive skin. Otherwise it’s wonderfully hydrating and effective. If you know a Moringa Cleansing Balm devotee you can also engrave their name or initials on the lid for their birthday, which is peak beauty indulgence really.

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Elemis Supersize Cleansing Micellar Water, £44 for 400ml

This is incredibly handy for speedy makeup changes or initial removal when you’re pushed for time or rushed off your feet. It contains rosehip seed oil to aid attract impurities and chamomile and rosewater for calming, soothing effect, plus the hefty bottle means that you can really saturate your cotton pad and remove every surface scrap of makeup before going in for your second ‘rinse off’ cleanse if you’ve got a bit more time and a sink to hand.

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REN Supersize Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic, £35 for 500ml

A different twist on a glow promising liquid exfoliant, this mammoth vial contains gentle lactic acid  and azelaic acid  to help to even out skin tone and create radiance - these two exfoliating acids are less likely to trigger adverse reactions than the more potent, faster acting glycolic acid. BHA  in the form of willow bark extract helps to clarify pores and a wheat, rye and barley complex adds a hydration hit. As well as being good for your skin and wallet (the large bottle is technically worth £50), all actives used are from sustainable sources.

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S achajuan Supersize Hair Repair, £52 for 1000ml

Ahhh, the watery delights of never synchronizing your shampoo and conditioner use. I have long, dry ends, so tend to race to the bottom of the conditioner bottle while still having at least two weeks’ worth of shampoo to get through. This enormous helping of the healing deep conditioner skirts that issue while turning rough split ends silky thanks to a protein and mineral rich formula that’s buttery without being gloopy and smells really fresh - it reminds me of linen. I use it every other day as my go-to conditioner and this mahoosive bottle equates to a 25 per cent saving.

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Makeup Revolution Supersize Concealer, £4.95 for 13g

Containing three times as much concealer as the original and available in 24 shades, this pocket money cover-up caters for all whether you’re on a budget or not. The ‘supersize’ element will please this camouflage-esque concealer’s mega fan base - it’ll last longer and is even more economical, and if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, the full coverage concealer went viral after the likes of Jeffree Starr declared that they’d ditched their expensive high end go-tos for Makeup Revolution’s affordable yet top performing alternative. Some say it’s even strong enough to cover tattoos, but we’re not we’d go that far. If you’ve got an angry spot rearing it’s head, however, or light scarring, it’s brilliant, and the matte finish doesn’t go cakey as you wear it.

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This Works Limited Edition Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £35 for 250ml

Whether you’re a Deep Sleep devotee or still to spirtz it on your sheets and sail off with the sandman, having an ample amount to hand is to be encouraged - it’s been proven to promote better sleep and delivers a calming end of day aromatherapy session in a few sprays. Lavendar, chamomile and vetiver bring on sleepy feels but the fragrance isn’t overpowering or musty - for a sleep spray it’s actually quite refreshing.

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