Be kind to your barnet and ditch harsh combs and bristle brushes - all you need is the Tangle Teezer

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As anyone who has experienced tangled hair knows, trying to get a comb, never mind a brush, through knotted tresses is not a pleasant experience and one every woman tries to avoid.

However, piling on the conditioner and hoping for the best is not the answer - you'll simply end up with dull, lank hair, which along with the current weather does not a good hair day make.

Thankfully, the hair gods - or god, since the creator is a mysteriously names Mr Shaun P - have come to our rescue with the invention of the Tangle Teezer , £11. This simple yet extraordinary detangling product is now so cult we're shocked to find not everybody has it on their dressing table yet.

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Though the fearsome five at Dragon's Den turned down Shaun P's 'hair-brained' idea for a new hair tool that's kind to hair while gently teasing (get the name, now?) out tangles, he went on to make it a huge success; not only does everyone on the GTG team swear by it but professional hairdressers do too.

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Apparently it's all in the teeth. They're flexible, so there's no pulling on the hair, and they're perfectly spaced so that it glides through without snagging. even better, it's not just great for knotty hair - it also leaves it shiny and can make a great backcombing tool for when big hair is the order of the day.

Whatever it is that makes it so special, all we know is that it works - and that's all we ever ask for at Glossy towers.

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