What’s going to be big in the year ahead? These are the trends and innovations to look out for in 2017

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2016 was a memorable year, was it not. With change on the horizon in a range of different ways, new developments and innovations in the beauty and wellness worlds were thankfully at hand to provide welcomed distraction when we needed it most.

While last year was all about going makeup-free , Dyson hairdryers , wearable tech , colouring books and Joe Wicks , 2017 looks set to provide even more inspiration to draw from whether at home, in the gym or in the office. Which hair, makeup, skincare, wellbeing and fitness trends do we think are destined for big things? Here are our top picks.

Everyday athletes

Taking inspiration from athletes and Great Britain’s success at the summer Olympics, the trend to train like an athlete is set to pick up even more speed next year. In fact, Virgin Active’s set to launch a new H.E.A.T (High Energy Athletic Training) programme in early 2017 based on this very idea. Described as their toughest workout yet, it will look to combine physical and mental toughness with high performance training and sports-focused theory to increase both endurance and strength in one cardio pumping class.

Healthy eating dinner parties

Can cooking for friends and healthy eating really co-exist? Showcasing that healthier meals needn’t mean you lose mates, 2017 looks set to provide plenty of culinary inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Deliciously Ella’s publishing a new book  on the subject in early January and possibly also Joe Wicks later on in the year according to Waterstones . Watch this space…

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Mindful everything

2017 looks like it’s going to be our most mindful yet if a bevy of new head re-balancing launches have anything to do with it. From a new book about mindful running by William Pullen , to the concept of mindful beauty from brands like Aromatherapy Associates, to an emphasis on mindful exercise at Virgin Active, it sounds like a positive move in the right direction for both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Braided top knots

When it comes to on-trend hairstyles, the only way is up - way up. Top knots, especially braided top knots, are the look of choice for those looking for a no-fuss, never-fail updo upgrade according to the Pinterest 100 report. With almost limitless options, L’Oreal Professionnel’s new Braids, Buns and Blow-dries menu (from £30 - find your nearest salon here ) created with Adam Reed, provides ample inspiration for finding your signature style (and curl too - more on that later...), with its Braid & Bun style above particularly catching our attention.

The big curl comeback

When it comes to wearing it loose, it’s very much the case of the curlier the better judging by the SS17 catwalks. The decade of choice? The eighties, with ‘new wave glamour’ by hair stylist Duffy reigning supreme at Topshop Unique and Sam McKnight’s ‘80s super sirens’ at Julien Macdonald turning heads in the best possible way.

Social fitness

Does meeting your fitness goals mean you have to give up your social life? There are only so many hours in the day however, embracing the new social (fitness) scene could hold the solution. With companies such as Wellscene  (Friday night Flow in the Dark yoga? Yes please!), events held by Women’s Health, new app Racefully  allowing you to run with friends from all over the world and more plans in the pipeline merging the worlds of fun and fitness, there’s an option for everyone. For early risers, The View from The Shard  is teaming up with Morning Gloryville on February 21st and again on March 14th to offer 6am dance parties. Expect to find a mixture of music from world-famous DJs, fresh fruit smoothies, meditation and massage. Making the most of our workout hours just got a whole lot easier.


Instagram @underarmourwomen

Boxing has gone from spit ‘n’ sawdust, male-dominated basement clubs to all-round workout du jour incorporating cardio, strength, stamina and some serious mental focus. Perhaps it’s the Nicola Adams influence (her memoir will be published in April), the Gigi Hadid effect or simply the fact that boxing is becoming more and more accessible and appealing to women across the land, but pulling punches is fast becoming one of the most effective, satisfying ways to stay fit. With the launch of luxe, dedicated boxing studio BXR  in Marylebone in January, and the popularity of  KOBOX  classes and HIIT boxing at 1Rebel  and Another Space , upper-cutting has never been cooler.

Facial Yoga and Pilates

Instagram @face_gym

Before you guffaw, incorporating breath work, targeted acupressure and tension melting massage techniques into your skincare routine not only gets your circulation going, leaving skin plumper, but also helps product to penetrate the skin more effectively. Face Gym ’s Yoga Face Treatment, £50, draws on the principles of warming up, improving energy flow and meditation to create a holistic, relaxing and effective treatment, while  Decléor Facial Pilates  uses deep, targeted pressure to strengthen, stimulate and reinvigorate skin. In short, savasana for the skin.

Bamboo fitness wear

Athleisure and ‘out there’ leggings remain popular, but this year fitness wear is going eco, with the likes of  Pama London  producing kit made ‘mindfully’ from sustainable, recycled charcoal bamboo (up to 84% of the material, with 16% being elastane). Another bamboo-centric sportswear label is London based Asquith , which prides itself on its organic cotton, bamboo and elastane blends. Given that bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, it’s a material well suited to fitness apparel, while the fact that bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide and grows quicker than your average tree makes it an environmentally friendly option.

Scandi everything

You’ve heard of  hygge , but the Scandi invasion doesn’t look to be dying down for 2017. Swedish Instagram sensation Faya Nilsson, AKA Fitness on Toast , has just launched The Scandi Plan , Scandinavian style porridge is set to be huge thanks to the likes of  Anni Kravi  (look out for recipes onsite this month) while hip Nordic salons such as STIL  in Notting Hill are injecting colouring and styling with the kind of chic nonchalance you’d expect from a French outpost. Look out for a crop of new Scandinavian cafés and bakeries popping up, and the opening in Aster  in February will take Nordic fine dining and catering in the capital up a notch.

Fitness on Toast


Having gotten to grips with mindfulness , apparently 2017 is the year to get your heart involved. According to wellbeing specialist and heartfulness expert Akcelina Cvijetic , going with your heart over your head can sometimes be a good thing:

“Those who practice Heartfulness are able to tune into an emotional intelligence that can transcend intellectual rationalising, taking them straight to the heart of the matter for deeper insights and solutions. Much like our gut, our heart communicates with us all the time – and it’s a matter of tuning in and responding accordingly.”

We suspect that mastering heartfulness with pose similar challenges to practising mindfulness, but more compassion in the world is not to be sniffed at.

Chrome Nails

Reflective in a more literal way, chrome nails, or mirror nails as they’re sometimes known, have exploded in popularity of late, and the appeal of a shiny shiny nail doesn’t look to be abating. If you’re wondering just what’s up,  Hiro Miyoshi salon  manicurist Natalia explains:

“This isn’t your average metallic mani. We apply a base gel colour before dabbing on a shimmering, chrome powder with a sponge, making the effect dense over the entire nail. This creates the ‘mirror’ effect, then we paint over a clear top coat and cure the nail under an LED lamp for roughly two minutes.”

It’s a more time consuming process than a file and polish, but having something to jazz up your hands when you’re back at work for January is worth the wait in our opinion. If there’s a time for bright and cheery nail trends, it’s now.


We may have written about this genius semi-permanent eyebrow enhancing treatment last year, but the fact that Pinterest Pins for microblading have recently soared by over 255% makes us think that the technique will become more mainstream for 2017. It’s not for everyone, so if you’re mulling over microblading, read our guide first .

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