Quinoa and omegas aren’t just nutritious additions to your diet - slather on Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask to feed your follicles

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We’re starting to wake up to the benefits of eating right and the sprightly, bright eyed and bushy tailed feeling that results from chowing down on a bowl of greens, but how about if we apply the same wholesome principles to our haircare? Nourishing, natural ingredients with no nasties can make our hair glow with health too. Ditch the synthetics and the silicones and invest in this protein-packed hair healer - your hair (not to mention your conscience) will thank you for it.

Sustainably produced and 100% rainforest grown, the real power player in this hair mask is ungurahua oil (try saying that after a few wines - better stick to the green juice). This omega 9 rich botanical elixir penetrates the hair strands to strengthen and repair from within, as opposed to simply coating the hair. Add sunflower seed oil and quinoa into the mix and you have a fortifying cocktail that will rehabilitate even the most ragged of manes. Lavender and eucalyptus oils will clear your airways too; all in all this is about as reinvigorating as at-home hair treatments get. A word of warning, however - go easy on the application. As with most potent, expensive unctions, a little goes a long way. A gung-ho approach could leave you more greasy than gorgeous.

Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask, £47 for £178 ml (will last you centuries). Available at  Liberty  and nationwide.