Step away from the scissors if you want to stay in your hairdresser's good books

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In lockdown one we may have been guilty of turning to temporary colours and  trimming our own fringe . Yes, it kept us occupied but it sure left our stylists with a job to fix it when we headed back to their salon, tail between our legs.

This time we’ve vowed not to take matters into our own hands and have instead asked top stylists what we can do to help our hair during lockdown 2.0; take notes.

Banish silicones

“Stop using siliconised hair products,” says stylist  Michael Van Clarke . “Silicones will smooth the hair but only dehydrate it further in the long term. In the ingredients list look for cyclopentasiloxane or anything ending in methicone or conol and avoid these. Sodium lauryl sulphate is the most common and effective degreaser in haircare but will likely take the colour out quicker so avoid this too. Use a gentler cleanser such as ammonium lauryl sulphate, or sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate.”

Michael's own hair range Three More Inches  is a good place to start and we also love Living Proof  for reliably good silicone-free haircare.

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Use a pre-shampoo

“Your colour doesn’t have to be dull just because the salons are shut,” reassures  celebrity stylist James Johnson  who works with the likes of Billie and Sam Faiers and is an ambassador for haircare brand  Colour Wow . “Often our colour lacks shine and salon freshness due to the minerals in our water that we can’t see but actually lay on the hair and make it dull.

“Using a pre-shampoo mineral remover such as  ColorWow’s Dream Filter , £20, will help remove these unwanted lay arounds. Whilst helping to remove brassy tones this spray will also keep your colour looking fresh. It is definitely a must-have to help sustain the vibrancy your hair needs during lockdown.”

Put the scissors (and box dye) down

Lockdown is only a month this time (supposedly) so stay away from the scissors. “Let your hair be and place faith in that it might settle into something nice; a whole new style without you having to do anything,” says stylist  Luke Hersheson . “When the salons reopened last time we saw so many disasters which are much harder to fix than you realise. Going too dark is a nightmare to sort out,” he adds.

“Use lockdown to your advantage by creating a mood board of styles, colours and cuts ready to show your hairdresser once salons reopen in December,” suggests Ricky Walters, founder of  Salon 64  in Soho.

Buy a new pillowcase

“What has my bedding got to do with my stylist?” we hear you ask. Paul Bryan, hairstylist and founder of haircare brand  A Stylist’s Secret , recommends that we invest in a silk pillow. “Silk pillowcases are especially important if your hair frizzes. You’ll reap the rewards with less maintenance in the morning and thus less need to style with heat damage.”

“A silk hat when you sleep can massively help to reduce dryness and help to replenish much needed natural oils and moisture,” adds  Shona Bain , signature colourist at Gielly Green. We've been wearing an  Only Curls Silk Turban  for a few months now and have noticeably less tangles upon waking.

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Wear your hair down

It’s tempting to pile hair on top of your hair in a bun, but Paul advises otherwise. “Don’t tie your hair up too tight for long periods, it creates damage where the bobble is,” he says. Leave in down or if that's too annoying, a loose braid works wonders.

Treat your hair like your skin

“One thing you can do during lockdown is to give your hair the same care and attention you’d give your skin, especially if you’ve not had your hair cut or coloured as regularly as usual,” says stylist  Mark Hill .

“Regular treatments will not only restore moisture levels but also help protect your hair from breakage and split ends, making any big changes or hair refreshes when you get back into the salon easier to achieve whilst keeping hair in optimum health. I always recommend treatment masks for hydration or strength, they’re easy to incorporate and you can leave them on for as long as you’d like, even sleeping in them before washing out the next morning.

“Try the  Hair Lab by Mark Hill Hydrating Treatment , £7.33. It contains phyto-keratin for strength, provitamin B5 to prevent moisture loss, ylang ylang to improve texture and strength, palmarosa to regulate natural moisture levels and all-rounder organic Moroccan argan Oil. This salon-quality treatment will deeply nourish and leave hair feeling super healthy.”

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