The SS14 catwalks were full of short hairstyles. If you're keen to try it out but not sure what will suit you, read on for our definitive guide to the bob, the lob and the pixie cut

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How short should you cut your hair? Judging from the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalks and the newly trimmed hairstyles of some of our favourite celebrities, it looks like there’s a short haircut for every taste and every face shape.

We’ve all been tempted to go for the chop at one point or another, but what if it all ends terribly and we wind up more Donald Trump than Taylor Swift or more Attila the Hun than Alexa Chung?

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to go for a crop, bob or lob, we asked two of the best hair stylists around for their dos and don’ts when it comes to finding your perfect short hairstyle. With a range of lengths to choose from, there’s never been a better excuse to ditch the hairbands, undo your top knots and ask your hairdresser to cut your long locks short this spring.

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As seen at: Burberry Prorsum

Celebrity Inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron

The Dos and Don’ts according to Adam Reed :

DO take the plunge at least once.

“Everybody should have short hair once, it really is the only way that you'll know if you like it. Rarely do people hate it!”

DON'T go in between.

“Either go short or forget it. If you are thinking about a short cut that’s mid-length, it will leave you unsatisfied and hating it. Go short, you'll love it. And don't forget to take a picture of your ideal length when you head to the hairdressers.”

His product pick:Percy & Reed Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish , £10, defines texture, perfectly enhancing shorter shapes.”


As seen at: Diane Von Furstenberg

Celebrity Inspiration: Emma Roberts and Lily Collins

The Dos and Don’ts according to Errol Douglas:

DO go for this style if you have a heart or oval-shaped face.

”This looks great on heart-shaped and oval-shaped faces because the space between jaw and collar bone created by the length and cut, softens and gives a really delicate anti-ageing finish.

“It's also a really good recovery style for those taking out extensions where a little thinning has occurred to cut in definition without going for a big chop.”

DON'T do it if you have a square-shaped face.

“Avoid if you've a square face shape or a broader neck, as the length can accentuate these features and give a masculine or boxy look.”

His product pick: “A smooth finish gives a modern look and highlights how healthy and thick this length can look, (it's the ideal compromise between short and healthy and long with untidy ends).

My Treat & Style Straightener , £109.99, is ideal. Run once from root to end infuses a Keratin steam that smoothes the cuticle and builds in shine while being kind to the hair.”

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