Why we may all need to use sparkling water as a setting spray and how to get a supermodel jawline in three easy moves. It may be a bit bonkers, but sometimes TikTok delivers life-changing tips and tricks

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We’ve said it before, and we will undoubtedly say it many, many more times, but TikTok is a funny old place. There are a lot of videos that we genuinely don’t understand and the most bizarre categories on offer to search through - PrisonTok being one of them. However, every so often our mindless scrolling will make us stumble across something that is genuinely quite useful and that we feel you need to know about. Here are the videos that caught our eye this week.

1. Sparkling water as setting spray

We’re still slightly unsure on what made TikTokker Sean Anthony (@seananthonyv) use sparkling water as a makeup setting spray or why it’s any better than a regular one - TikTok isn’t really about the finer details - but I think we can all agree that his finished makeup look is pretty great. It’s certainly not going to do you any harm and will probably feel fairly refreshing on the skin however there are probably two things to watch out for. Firstly, make sure your spray bottle delivers a light mist rather than being too aggressive. This leads us to the second point which is if you drown your skin in water you may risk your freshly applied makeup falling straight off. But if you’re on the hunt for the best makeup fixing spray and happen to have a spare bottle of fizzy water lying around then it might be worth a go.

2. Define your jaw with Abigail James’ massage moves

Wish you had a jawline so sharp it looks like it could cut glass. Well, facialist to the a-list, Abigail James (@abigailjameslondon) can show you how. She handily demonstrated three facial massage moves that can help carve in some serious definition. And you can quite literally see the difference in the shape of her face as she does them. Our recommendation is that you give the moves a go on cleansed skin using a little of your best facial oil to help provide some slip.

3. Try a Jalapeño Rosé


Wrapping up my Monday with a jalapeño rosé

♬ original sound - Allyssa in the Kitchen

If you’re desperately trying to cling on to summer then this seemingly odd accompaniment to your glass of rosé might be what you’re after. Alyssa Marshall (@allyssainthekitchen) was the first person (we think) to film adding freshly cut jalapeño peppers to a glass of rosé. The trend exploded, everyone else followed and it became the drink of summer '22. Again, we’re not entirely sure what led Alyssa to add such a punchy pepper to a perfectly decent rosé, but as we love a fiery Picante and a spicy margarita we’re going to give it a go and keep this going into autumn.

4. Waterproof your hair with Color Wow Dream Coat

@amelia0livia What do we all think? I’ve pinned it above the caption #waterproofhair #hairhack #colourwowdreamcoat ♬ original sound - Amelia Olivia

With rain and drizzle about to become the weather norm, never has a de-frizzing hair hack like this one been more needed or wanted. TikTokker Amelia Olivia (@amelia0livia) spotted celebrity hairstylist, Chris Appleton (@Chrisappleton1) demonstrating how the Color Wow Dream Coat, £26, shields and blocks water off hair, keeping it smooth and silky and so gave it a go herself to prove that this product really does what it says it does. We predict a purchasing stampede.

5. Katie Jane Hughes cheek blush hack

Oh, how we love makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes (@Katiejanehughes) for showing us how applying makeup can be so easy and faff free. In her latest TikTok video she demos exactly how to apply your best cream blusher just using your fingers and without it looking clown-like or OTT. Genius.

6. And a cute cat video…just because

Avid GTG readers will remember us previously explaining how TikTok made a viral sensation out of the boy now known as ‘Corn Kid’. For those that have no idea what that is, it is the song you can hear in this video about how much a little boy loves corn on the cob. Here, it’s been used by Kiki and Kilo (@kikiandkilo) to show just how much Kiki the cat loves packing peanuts. And whilst we are very aware that this won’t bring any new insight or knowledge to your life, don’t you feel happier just for having seen it?