Claiming to deliver smooth, frizz-free results in half the time, I put the new Revlon Pro One-Step Dryer and Styler to the test to see if it could streamline my hair regime

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When it comes to drying my hair, I definitely see it more as a chore than a joy. Emerging from my bedroom sweaty and red in the face, it often looks like I’ve opted for more of a workout than a blowout, (#armday). So if there’s anything that can help streamline my haircare  routine, I’m the perfect canditate to try it. A possible solution? Revlon Pro’s new One-Step Dryer and Styler - a 2-in-1 tool created to merge the power of a dryer with the precision of a brush to save both time and money. Its main claim? To deliver “smooth, frizz-free results in half the time (versus drying and styling separately), helping to reduce heat exposure and minimizing the damage to the hair.” Sounds potentially game-changing.

First impressions?

On the whole, I’ve had fairly positive experiences of air stylers in the past with Babyliss’ Big Hair counted as a personal favourite of mine. However, it can be rougher on my hair than I’d like (a cut earlobe and a rather painful previous entanglement soured our relationship slightly) and so I tend to save it for special occasions. The less densely packed bristles on this styler however came as a welcomed variation. Easy to use, there’s no setup time - simply plug in and go - and despite being pretty huge in size, it’s actually lighter in weight than expected.

Selecting the high heat setting (as recommended for thick or coarse hair types like mine), I towelled-dried my hair first and then proceeded to comb its bristles through from root to tip to ensure even heat distribution. Although drying off my roots proved a bit fiddly due to its size, the volume I was able to create particularly at the crown and the back of my hair was impressive after opting to brush my hair from underneath rather than over the top. With next to no pulling or tugging, it was fluid in its motion and effective at administering a touch of force-free detangling to my wet and wild locks.

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Did it cut my hair care regime by half?

In total, it took about 23 minutes to dry and style my hair compared to my usual 30. So a reduction yes, albeit not by half. My wavy hair type meant I needed to go back in there with my straightening irons to smooth flyaways at the front, but all in all I was impressed with the body and polish that it provided. It was also much gentler than other air stylers I’ve tried in the past due to the spacing and design of its bristles.

Would I use it again? Yes, I would. The volume I was able to achieve, especially at my crown, rivalled that of a blowdry (dare I say) and while I’d still fine-tune with a separate styler afterwards, for the first time in a very long time I can say I’m actually looking forward to the next time I have to dry my hair. A rarity indeed.

The Revlon Pro Salon One-step Dryer and Styler is available exclusively from Boots for £39.99 until September and £49.99 thereafter.  Buy online here .

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