Never put up with a ‘stuck to the wall’ hotel hairdryer or lacklustre Airbnb offering again. ghd has packed 85% of the power of a top notch dryer into the new flight travel hairdryer. Cancel the blow dry and try this instead…

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You rarely appreciate the virtues of a decent hairdryer until you encounter a bad one, and said times tend to be occasions when you really, really want good hair. From weddings to holidays to job interviews in other cities, an early morning wrestle with an elephant’s trunk style wall attachment that’s sneezing weak air does not a shiny, happy head of hair make. Enter the actual purveyors of ‘good hair days’, ghd, whose tech people have managed to show up weedy travel dryers and heavy hotel hairdryers the world over, in one sleek move.

Ready for take off

ghd flight™ travel hairdryer , £59, arrives in a funny little black briefcase that makes you feel slightly like you’re a five year old going on business, but it fits snugly into a weekend bag or suitcase, even in hand luggage only situations, and the dryer itself folds in two, reducing its size even if you do want to ditch the case. It’s light, but don’t go doubting its dynamism- apparently it has 85 per cent of the power of it’s big sister, the ghd aura®, while weighing 60 per cent less. You’ve got fewer settings to choose from- namely two speed and temperature options and one removable nozzle as opposed to the bells and whistles accessories of pro hairdryers, but then again, good luck getting your diffuser onto Ryanair.

Does it fly?

Where the flight™ excels is at behaving like a real deal, expensive hairdryer. It’s just launched today, but I got hold of it last night and it did just as speedy a job at smoothing and drying my hair in sub 12 minutes as my usual £95 model, without the armache, although it is about ten times louder. The current model has “accents of Saharan gold”- ghd is on quite the gold rush so far this year, given that  the brand is also giving away 10 solid 18K gold stylers  (you have until 31st March to register your ghd Gold styler to win one). Bling or no bling, when a dryer that weighs under 500g achieves such swift, swishy results, you know you’re staring down the barrel of what’s possible in beauty gadgetry. Down with the hefty hair tools, more of the speedy, light and easy please.

ghd flight™ travel hairdryer, £59,  buy online

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