It’s been meticulously reformulated, takes in everything from basic skincare for sensitive skin to anti-dandruff shampoo and hair removal, and it starts at 75p. Here’s why these own-brand basics deserve a spot on your bathroom shelf

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In a world of rare plant extracts, gilded packaging and glossy ad campaigns, the humble own-brand range can seem a bit dowdy of the shelf. It’s affordable, but can it really bring the daily skincare and grooming benefits of the big guns?

Boots reckon so, and in an effort to up the own-brand game, the high street chemist has launched a selection of new in-house ranges, with other lines being reformulated, repackaged and extended in line with feedback from over 8500 customers. Said testers reviewed over 2000 products before the own-brand ranges were rolled out to ensure high quality alongside seriously modest price points, with the likes of the Expert Skincare line  coming to fruition according to customers’ specific needs and demands. Here’s what’s else is new in the Boots skin, hair and bodycare aisles…

Skincare is more powerful

Boots own-brand skincare may start at £1, but that doesn’t mean you’re being short changed on the likes of antioxidants, hydrating agents and blemish targeting ingredients. The ever-popular Cucumber range  has been reformulated to increase the antioxidant and emollient count to better protect and moisturise skin, while the Sensitive range  has been redeveloped and expanded to meet customer demand for fragrance-free skincare options.

Breakout wise, the Skin Clear  line is still rich is pore clarifying salicylic acid , but has had a makeover packaging wise to make it look more slick, delivering bacteria minimising options that will never cost you more than £3.

There’s swishy new haircare

In line with the launch of Boots Expert Skincare ,  Expert Haircare  is here to troubleshoot common hair issues on a budget- the new range offers up shampoos, conditioners and targeted aloe vera and ceramide based scalp treatments to cater for delicate skin and hair, reduce dandruff, clear hair and scalp of build-up and boost body for thinning hair. It’s priced between £3.99-£4.49, so you can afford to lather up whenever you like.

Hair styling options give better zhush

From added argan oil for shine in hairsprays, humidity shields in mousse and more potent conditioners in the Fresh  range, the main aim with own-brand haircare was to boost performance while protecting hair and wallet. The Anti-Dandruff range  has been deemed more effective from the first wash by testers, while the reformulated dry shampoos are available in a new selection of fragrances for fresher hair, shower or no shower.

Bodycare has been bettered across the board

Everything from deodorants to hair removal products have been improved and enhanced- anti-perspirants now supposedly protect against damp patches and body odour for longer, while  Zingy wake-up shower gels  and hand soaps are available in new fragrances and with sleeker packaging.

The bottom line

Generally you’ll notice that everything looks a lot more modern, and to identify the own-brand options, look for the ‘made, tested, loved by Boots logo’. The pricing should give it away too- the likes of shower staples that come in between 75p-£1.99 is a tough feat to beat in the cosmetics aisles these days. Despite the fact that many Boots own-brand products have been made in the same factory since the 1900s, they’re stepping up the plate where making effective, inclusive beauty for the masses is concerned. Plus, in theory you should be left with a bit more to spend on traditionally more expensive skincare ingredients such as retinol  at the end of the month…

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