Looking for some short hair inspiration? Go for the chop in the hands of the pros...

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With summer fast approaching, the idea of fuss-free short hair is becoming a hugely appealing prospect. And who better to help us take our long locks to new lengths than George Northwood , the man behind Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s  and Alexa Chung’s trademark collar-sweeping lobs?

The new George Northwood Bob Bar in association Redken  offers four different bob hairstyles to choose from - finding your perfect match has never been easier. Select your length, select your texture, select your style and bespoke your bob in the skilled hands of George’s pro team. “We are all just a bob away from brilliance,” says George and with this new London hair hot spot now on our radars, we’re closer than we think.

The bob hairstyles broken down by the man himself...

Bob 1

The bob to begin all bobs. Short, square and sassy, it’s based on a classic 1920s style but updated the 2015 way with a softer, choppier finish. Jennifer Lawrence is the reference that a lot of my clients are using when they want this cut.

Best for: this graphic short shape is softened with choppiness. Great on girly types with delicate features and better on straighter hair types. Can be worn messy or tonged for a more luxe evening appeal with a hint of gloss. Has versatility but you need some confidence to wear this length.

Styling: the quality of the cut keeps the shape easy to manage but this needs a touch of styling to keep it looking on point.

Messy is this one’s middle name. Rough dry the hair and then heat a small amount of Redken Rough Paste , £13 into hands and work in to give undone definition.

Maintenance: with its wonderful shape, it grows out well – you’ll be good to go for 6 weeks at least.

Bob 2

This longer, choppy look is like skinny jeans for hair – it’s easy breezy and just never goes out of style.

Best for: with a grown-out fringe that frames any face beautifully, this is the bob that looks good on everyone. For those with natural wavy texture, it’s a great cut. For those with straighter hair, a tong will be your best friend.

Styling: keep texture natural – a kiss of the tong will add a hint of movement and for the ultimate finish, spray Redken Windblown , £15.80 (launches in June). Spray in the hair for that effortless off-duty finish.

Maintenance: the shaggier it gets, the better it looks – we’ll see you in around 6-8 weeks.

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Bob 3

Inspired by Margot Tenenbaum – one on our salon’s beauty icons. Mid-length, precise and so straight it would put a poker to shame, this can be super cute or crazy powerful. Just look on it like the Gemini of bobs. Versatile and can worn straight or even tonged for the evening or to mix it up.

Best for: super blunt and gloriously graphic, it’s great for normal to thick hair that’s dead, dead straight. We clipper cut the ends for some serious straight ends action.

Styling: this demands a good head of hair and one that rocks condition and shine. Intensive treatments and a gloss treatment make this look pop. I blowdry this with Redken Diamond Oil , £27.60 and then run irons on the ends to give the straight, swish perfection. If you want to avoid looking too power woman, sweep it to the side and add a slide. This bob knows how to rock an accessory.

Maintenance: if you’re a super organised super woman who books her 4-6 week appointments in advance, this one’s for you.

Bob 4

When a cover girl wants to shake things up without losing all her lustrous lengths, this is what she does. Styled and trialled on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, it’s long enough to skim the collarbones at the front – but comes with a graduated back that’s bang on bob. It can be edgier with a more mullet texture like Edie Campbell or it can be a bit sexier and windswept like Rosie’s.

Best for: anyone that can’t decide between long and short, this bob has the best of both worlds. Also, the length means that you can still wear it up.

Styling: rough dry, tong, or have a full-on blow-out. We call it the chameleon of bobs. Redken Quicktease , £13.85 is your essential for this look.

Maintenance: supermodels are too busy to spend all day in a salon. Enjoy the jet set for a couple months before you come back for a trim.

Prices start from £75.

To book an appointment, call 020 7580 8195.

www.georgenorthwood.com . 24 Wells Street, London W1T 3PH.

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