From super skin supplements to a Charlotte Tilbury makeup set sellout and a new Olaplex innovation, here’s what made it into your ‘most popular’ list for January

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Whoever said January was a dull month clearly hasn’t peeked inside your shopping bags. You’ve been taking inspiration from Pixiwoo’s all time favourite beauty products , been giving Dr Michael Mosley’s Blood Sugar Diet  book a thorough read and been topping up your vitamin D3  levels with a luxe new supplement. All the while wearing Charlotte Tilbury’s most iconic makeup launch yet . Here’s exactly what’s been going a storm with you lot.

Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara, £23

The sleek, understated maroon tube belies this lash building mascara’s true powers - the slender wand catches every lash while the thickening formula gives lashes guts all day long without flaking or smudging (it’s water resistant). As promised it creates a beautiful bend in lashes too. A classic for a reason.

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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Look, £107

Charlotte’s Pillow Talk lipstick has probably been worn on more red carpets than almost any other makeup and is a consistent sellout, and now the Pillow Talk eye palette and blusher have finally been added to the permanent range after much clamouring from fans following limited edition releases. Why all the fuss? The dusty pink tone looks awesome on a wide variety of skin tones and lights up your face without looking too try hard. The complete look includes all the faves - the original lipstick and lip liner plus the four plan eye palette and blusher with accompanying highlighter. In Charlotte words, “gorgeous darlings!”.

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Surratt Lid Lacquer in Hadaka, £34

From one makeup artist staple to another, Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo  lists this Japanese eye gloss  as one of her top six beauty products ever, and you seem inclined to agree. It creates a dewy glaze that can either been worn sheer or built up to create a more bold eye makeup look.

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Niod Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%, £20 for 30ml

A pre-makeup glow giver, this “filter” serum both reflects and refracts light to create the appearance of an even skin tone while blurring nano spheres help to reduce the appearance of pores and an in-built colour corrector brings down  redness  and sallowness . It may as well be wearing a cape.

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Olaplex No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, £24 for 250ml

Reparative Olaplex  changed the in-salon colouring process for the better when it launched in the UK in 2015, minimising damage during bleaching in particular. It was only a matter of time before the makers moved onto staple home haircare, with a new shampoo and conditioner having just landed. Our platinum blonde account executive Alex rates both for transforming colour-worn lengths and ends to silk and boosting shine, and the conditioner in particular is a hydrating must-have if you’ve overdone the heat styling.

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Lyma Monthly Starter Kit, £199

This is as luxe as health supplements get - from the hammered rose gold container to the seven patented ingredients it delivers, it’s the crème de la crème of vitamin pills. Designed to supply nutrients that are most commonly missing from our daily diet, it has four times the absorption levels compared to your average on the shelf supplement and was created in partnership with some of the world’s leading nutritional scientists. It brings an optimal amount of vitamins D3 and K2  to the table among other evidence based ingredients and promises everything from reduced fatigue to stronger hair and nails. Lofty claims and it costs a LOT but it’s got no less than 197 clinical trials to support its findings. One for those that like their multivitamin to be both futuristic in formula and fancy to look at.

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H30 Night Repair, £30 for 30 capsules

You can tell it’s January - wellbeing is at the top of your shopping list with this skin health supplement taking prime position. Rich in moisture boosting hyaluronic acid  potent antioxidant astaxanthin , it helps to protect cells from free-radical damage with back up from vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

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Net-a-Porter Clean Beauty Kit, £120

The meaning of ‘clean’ is somewhat ambiguous and signifies different things to different people (organic, vegan etc), but as Net-a-Porter beauty director Newby Hands told us, this edit “takes a natural, clean, botanical or organic approach to beauty. It’s what I like to call ‘considered beauty’, as companies consciously choose what ingredients they use and, often more importantly, those that they leave out.” Not only are the products within created with these values in mind, but the 16 strong edit includes 13 full-sized bestsellers from the likes of Susanne Kaufmann and Bamford with savings of up to 80 per cent. Get it before it’s gone.

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The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet, from £5.78

Aiming to help those suffering from type 2 diabetes , at high risk of developing the disease or with dangerous levels of belly fat , Dr Michael Mosley’s eight week programme has been shown to lower and stabilise blood sugar levels while resulting in weight loss, two outcomes that Dr Mosley benefitted from himself. It’s essentially a stricter version of the  5:2 diet , whereby you follow an 800 calories a day diet  for eight weeks. Within this book Dr Mosley explains the science behind the plan, provides calorie-controlled recipes that adhere to the fundamental principles of the  Mediterranean diet  and gives readers tips and motivation along the way, because he’s been there, done that.

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Liberty Criss Cross Faux Fur Scarf, £50

And now for something fluffy and frivolous. This colour-blocked faux fur stole is not only a steal (it’s down from £175) but it’ll brighten up the winter coat you’re probably getting a little tired of right about now and is ideal for the upcoming cold spell that’s about to hit. Chuck it on and your morning’s will be that bit brighter, even if it’s grey out.

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