80% of teeth issues are caused by enamel erosion, but this teeth tech could help to turn that around, one swill at a time…

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If you’ve noticed your teeth yellowing or have cavities or sensitivity , chances are that ‘acid attacks’ could be to blame. They can come courtesy of the usual suspects such as fizzy drinks and sugary snacks, and less obvious triggers  like hot water with lemon, green juice and end-of-week wines. Acidic food and drink can cause the protective enamel on your teeth to erode, and despite it being the hardest substance in the human body, unlike hair and skin, tooth enamel doesn’t grow back. Alongside taking steps to minimise acid damage and visiting your dentist regularly, swapping your usual dental care for something altogether more techy could help to remineralise enamel, helping to prevent acid erosion triggered by everyday food and drink.

When the enamel hardening Regenerate Toothpaste , £10 for 75ml, launched a few years back it developed a very reputable rep for doing what it said on the tube - namely strengthening teeth over time and helping to reverse the enamel erosion process. It follows that the Advanced Foaming Mouthwash , £10 for 50ml, which launched this summer, enhances this enamel preserving action while also helping to neutralise acid attacks on the go and after eating.

The mouthwash releases microbubbles as soon as you rinse to get into every nook and cranny of your mouth, not only rinsing away sugar and debris but also helping to neutralise acid attacks as soon as they’ve happened. The immediate ‘fresh feel’ is as you’d expect from any regular mouthwash, but the long-term benefits are what sets this stuff apart. It helps to repair teeth when they’re at their most vulnerable and the alcohol-free formula is gentle on your mouth - in short, it won’t make your eyes water.

You may be thinking that it looks a little...small. You would be right, but that’s because the formula ‘expands’ in your mouth, thus each pump (you need three per “serving’) goes a long way. 50ml equates to roughly 50 rinses, which is about the same as an equivalent liquid mouthwash, and the slimmed down packaging makes it ideal for travelling, carting to the gym or taking to work. Have it on hand for after those party season prosecco sessions in particular (apparently  prosecco  is one of the worst culprits where acid erosion is concerned...joy of joys).

Regenerate Foaming Mouthwash, £10 for 50ml, buy online

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