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Nail it

“How to get nail polish to stay on the nails, is probably the question I get asked more than any. The answer is it's all in the preparation and finish. Firstly before polishing, nails should be completely clean and free from grease. I lightly buff the surface with a VERY slightly abrasive surface to smooth away ridges and create a more porous surface. Then the surface of the nail plate must be wiped clean with remover and if possible, there is a product called  Chip Skip by OPI , £14.50 which I always use which dehydrates the nail plate further. At this point a thin layer of base coat should be applied which should dry almost immediately. Then 2 thin coats of polish rather than one thick one and a quick drying top coat to finish to make the polish surface dry quicker and prevent smudging,” says  Nail Artist and Technician Sophy Robson .

Growing pains

"If you're tired with the upkeep of your fringe, then take advantage of this season’s grown out look. Simply allow your fringe to grow down to your cheekbones, then part your hair in the middle and dry it away from your face. It's super cool and easy to maintain," says hair stylist James Pryce .

You better bee-lieve it honey

"If your skin is dry or irritated, apply a thin layer of manuka honey to not only rehydrate and nourish the skin, but to also calm inflammation as it has anti-bacterial properties. Leave on for 10-15 minutes then rinse off with warm water and pat dry," says facialist Debbie Thomas .

Seeing green

“Eat a handful of kale and spinach (at least) everyday! Blend it, steam it, have it raw... no excuses not to have these amazing foods in your life daily. Trust me, you'll notice the difference! If you find it hard to eat green vegetables regularly, look at using a good quality, natural, super greens supplement such as Beauty Food , £55,” says personal trainer, James Duigan .

Hit snooze

"Want to lose weight, get stronger and be less stressed? Then catch up on your sleep. A couple of late nights can really disrupt your hormones and sleep cycle," says personal trainer Dalton Wong .

Don't breakout in a sweat

“When sweat  lingers on the skin, it can trigger breakouts and folliculitis in awkward places like thighs and buttocks. So make sure to wear natural fibre workout gear which wicks the sweat away from the skin, use an antiseptic wipe (like Murad Clarifying Wipes) to swipe face, chest and back and change into a clean T-shirt. Then shower as soon as the opportunity arises,” says dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting .

Sock-et to 'em

“By applying a little bit of your bronzer to your socket line, you can create an instant depth to your eyes. It also helps to give an instant lift and provide a subtle but defined result for an everyday look,” says make-up artist Miranda Rigg .

All or nothing?

“Doing something is better than nothing at all! Starting is the key. A small change can have a surprisingly big impact and also allows room for improvement. Don’t have time to make a green juice in the morning? Start by using a green superfood powder. Yes fresh is best, but it’s a start and something you can build on,” says nutritionist Belinda Mann .

A Foolproof Flutter

“Learn how to apply false eyelashes properly. This is the number one beauty faux-pas that I see all the time. If you are going to enhance your lashes with falsies, then make sure that they fit your eye like a glove, or else they will detract from, rather than enhance your eye look.

Invest in a good glue and don’t reuse lashes time and time again. Stick the lashes as close to your lash line as possible, clamp together with your natural lashes with a pair of eyelash curlers and then only apply mascara to the roots – otherwise the end look will be really clumpy and unnatural,” says Max Factor Make-up Artist Mel Arter .

Junk Mail

“We EAT information every single day. All food communicates with our cells: what we eat is far more complex than just a taste. If you are eating junk, you’ll be sending lots of internal junk mail and we all know the damage junk mail can do,” says nutritional therapist, Amelia Freer .

Vitamin Fix

“I highly recommend taking vitamins to boost the structure of the hair from within. Use Inner Me Lustrous Locks , £15 and the bend in your hair will become stronger, reflecting the light and making it look more glossy and healthy,” says hair extension and hair loss expert Lucinda Ellery .